Giorgio Brutini Dress Boots

Giorgio Brutini Dress Boots

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In uncertain times comes the need for greater prudence and I am a firm believer, we are all about that. We’ll ride through this recession and even if it might take a while, it’s all good because being thrifty will never go out of style. And really at the end of the day, it’s not how much your clothes cost, but how you put them together, carry them and relate to people that matters. Though it might be tough at times but finding a great pair of shoes at an even greater price is always worth it!

Dress boots are a good alternative to dress loafers or lace-ups. With an edgier vibe and the chance for you to show off detail and texture from the high-top – dress boots pack a style punch with shorter tailored pants that allow you to play around with the contrast of the shorter hem and the high leather top. Dress them up or down; they would serve you well plus you can count on a European vibe from them.

These dark brown dress boots feature a 2 inch heel that might be a tad too ambitious for some of you. But we thought, what the heck, we love our limited-edition YSL 2.5 inch pair and really, 2 inches is not much at all. It will give a good height boost and it’s not everyday that men are given 2 inches up. So you take what you can get.

The sleek pointed toe and the simple yet classic design of this boot stood out as a piece that you could wear and wear and that will not go out of style. Plus, they will look good both at work and play. So extra points for versatility. Wear them with jeans for a rock n roll influenced look or tailored pants for a dressy vibe. I like these because not only do they look good and would serve you well if you need to walk and sight-see, at a such a price point, you don’t have to feel too bad about being hard on them.

write by Jocelyn

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