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This cute, reversible girls cape pattern is an ideal Winter sewing pattern for kids. It is lined and reversible so all your stitching is hidden inside the cape and no serger is required. I have used Velcro for the tab fastening but you could also use a button or even a sew-in press stud. Make it plain and simple or add a fun applique like this little red riding hood.

cape patternPinGirls Cape Pattern


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Girls Cape Pattern

Pattern Sizing

This cape pattern comes in kids sizes 2 to 8. Designed to be loose, it comes to the waist so kids can easily use their arms and have fun playing without being restricted.

cape patterncape patternPinMaisie Cape Pattern

Supplies and Notions

Fabric for the main outside of the cape – 1 ¼ yards (1.15m)Lining fabric – 1 ¼ yard (1.15m)Velcro – 2 inches of 1 inch wide (5cm x 2.5cm)A scrap of fusible interfacing for the tab

Girls Cape Pattern - SuppliesGirls Cape Pattern - SuppliesPinGirls Cape Pattern – Supplies

Fabric Choices

For the outside of the girls cape pattern, I like to use corduroy, light wool or fleece. Denim in a light or medium weight also looks amazing and is easy to sew. This gives some body to the cape and adds a little warmth. My red cape sample was made using velvet but admittedly this was much harder to sew than the corduroy and denim samples.

Use a slightly thinner lining to reduce bulk. Quilting cotton works well and is easy to sew.

Sewing DenimFabric Names GlossarySewing CottonSewing Velvet

cape pattern piecescape pattern piecesPinGirls Cape Pattern – Fabrics

The Girls Cape Pattern

Purchase the pattern from my website at or from the link below. The little red riding hood applique is included in the pattern pieces.


New to PDF sewing patterns or my patterns? See my article including a video on printing PDF patterns. Don’t forget to measure the test square to ensure your pattern has printed to scale.

The Cape Pattern Video – How to Make a cape

Here is my cape pattern video showing you the steps to making your cape. There are also written instructions in the pattern of course. Grab a chocolate biscuit, press play, sit back and relax. Subscribe to the TREASURIE YouTube channel for weekly sewing videos.

Maisie Girls Cape Pattern – VIDEO

Girls Cape Pattern – In Conclusion

How did you go with your girls cape pattern? Thanks for watching and if you have any questions, you can comment below.

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