Girls Fairy Outfit with Jingle Bell Wand – Free sewing patterns


Netting: white; green; bright pink; light pinkElastic: 1cm wideRibbon: pink, silver-edged, 1cm wide; white, silver-edged, 1cm wide; pink, 1.5cm wideVest top, pinkBamboo caneTape, double-sided, 1cm widePipe cleaner; silver pipeBells, silver, 10mm, five Glue

Dimensions List

To fit ages 18-24 months, 20cm x 48cm (ages 3-4, 44cm x 52cm)

Stitch a tutu

Cut a 40cm x 110cm (44cm x 114cm) piece of white netting. Sew the two shortest ends together to make a tube then fold the tube over on itself to create two layers of netting. Pin into place then stitch a line 2cm from the folded edge to make a channel for the elastic. Leave a 4cm gap in the seam for threading the elastic through.

Cut another piece of white netting, 36cm x 110cm (40cm x 114cm) and sew the short ends together. Fold over to make two layers with the seam on the inside. Pin and tack just underneath the waistband, matching up the seams. Repeat this with a 32cm x 110cm (36cm x 114cm) piece of green netting and two pieces of bright pink netting measuring 28cm x 110cm (32cm x 114cm). All the layers should be pinned then tacked together with the main skirt. Machine stitch all the way around.

Cut 150cm (154cm) of pale pink ribbon and pin this along the machine stitching, leaving equal lengths at either end. Position it to cover the stitches and overlap the waistband slightly then sew down both edges. Leave a 4cm gap to tie a bow with the two loose ends.

Cut a 48cm (52cm) piece of elastic, put a safety pin through one end and pin the other to the skirt. Thread the end with the safety pin through the waistband. Adjust the elastic accordingly, remove the safety pin then sew the ends together. Stitch the gap in the net together with a few over stitches and tie the loose ends of pink ribbon into a bow. Cut eight pieces of 7cm x 37cm pale pink netting and tie into bows. Position evenly around the bottom of the bright pink netting and sew on.

Customise a top

Cut 80cm (90cm) of pink ribbon and, using matching thread, sew a running stitch along one edge, pulling it to gather the ribbon so it fits around the neck of a vest top. Space the gathers evenly then pin to the neck. Hand stitch into place using tiny over stitches.

Make a wand

Cut a 37cm piece of bamboo cane, making sure that at least one end has a hole down the centre. Cut a 1m length of pink, silver-edged ribbon and another of white. Stick double-sided tape, about 15cm at a time, on the back of each. Wind the white ribbon diagonally round the bamboo cane, leaving a gap between for the other ribbon and some overhang at each end. Peel off each bit of tape backing as you go.

Repeat with the pink ribbon, filling in the gap. The end of the cane with the hole needs to be at the top, so wind the ribbon round, leaving the end open. You may need a little glue or a few stitches to make sure it’s secure. At the other end, trim the ribbon so that it just overlaps, and neaten off with a few stitches.

Join silver pipe cleaners together to make a 60cm length then wrap more around to double the thickness. Bend into a star shape and secure the middle with thread. Sew a bell onto each point of the star, except the bottom one then glue the bottom prong into the hole at the top of the bamboo cane.