Girls Pink Shoes

Girls Pink Shoes

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When my little girl turned 5, I took her to the store to buy her first pair of grown-up shoes. These were shoes that she got to pick out herself. She was so excited that day because she truly believed that she was entering the world of shopping and things that the rest of the adults around her got to do all the time.

I took her to a department store since I thought they would have the largest selection. Slowly, we got on the escalator and we rode up to the second floor where the children’s department was. I then walked her around the shoe area where she could explore all of the different shoes.

She looked at everything very carefully. I even explained that she would be able to try on different pairs to see what she liked. She glanced at the black shoes, but they were very similar to other pairs of shoes that she had at home. She saw the running shoes, but she instantly labeled them as “those sneakers my brother wears.” Finally, she landed on a pair of pink shoes.

Girls pink shoes are made with many different ribbons and lace. The best part of the pink shoes that my little girl found was the beautiful bow that decorated the front. She immediately pointed to these little Mary Janes and asked that she try them on. Actually, she asked to buy them right then and there and I had to explain to her that all shoes had to be tried on to make sure that they are comfortable and fit well.

We waited patiently for the clerk to come with the new pair of shoes for her to try on. As soon as the shoes were on, a big smile spread across her face. She loved them and she couldn’t get enough. She ran over to the mirror to look at her feet and admire the little lacy ribbons on her beautiful pink shoes. That was when my little girl fell in love with shoes and the color pink all at once.

My daughter is now fully grown-up and she now buys ladies pink shoes. She has about 10 pairs of pink shoes in all different shapes and styles. If you are taking your little girl shopping for the first time, be sure to give her a choice and let her decide what she likes. You never know when she’ll find a new item to love.


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