Girl’s Tidy Wall Storage – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, spotted: green, 25cm x 45cm; red, 3.5cm x 55cm; turquoise, 1m square; bird print, fat quarter: pink, cream; plain, cream, 9cm x 11cm Ribbon, striped, 90cmButtons: small, white,10;assorted colours, fivePhoto mount, 6” x 4” WaddingInterfacing, iron onGlue: acid-free; PVA

Dimensions List

43cm x 48cm including loops

Create hanging storage

Cut a 43cm square piece of pale pink bird fabric followed by a 6cm x 44cm piece of green spotty fabric. Fold a long raw edge of the green fabric under by 1cm and iron the crease. Pin it across the pink fabric, 8cm up from the bottom and stitch in place. Iron on the reverse.

Make a pleat pocket by cutting a 15cm x 55cm piece of cream bird fabric and a 3.5cm x 55cm piece of red spot for the trim. Fold the red material in half along the length, press then open it up and fold each raw edge into the middle. Iron again to create binding. Stitch this across the top edge of the cream bird fabric and iron again.

Divide the long piece into three and mark the two points with pins, fold the fabric by 1cm at either side to meet the pin. Iron to make firm creases. Stitch down each folded crease 2mm from the edge to help the pockets keep their shape.

Take a 9cm x 11cm piece of plain cream fabric and back it with interfacing then stitch to the middle pocket front. Use the template provided to cut a bird from turquoise fabric, stitch around the shape and add an eye. Cut the wing from green spotted fabric and sew to the body. Embroider the words Best Friends, as shown in the image. Iron on the reverse.

Lay the pocket panel onto the main pink bird base created in step 1, place it so it sits 4cm up from the bottom of the green fabric. Stitch across the bottom, making sure the pleats stay in place. Sew up the middle of each pleat to secure.

Make a photo frame by trimming down a 6” x 4” cardboard photo mount. Cover the front with wadding. Cut green spotty fabric larger than the mount by 2cm. Lay the frame onto the wrong side of the fabric, wadding side down and use glue to stick the overhang of green onto the back. Make a small cut in the middle of the aperture and from that snip up to each corner. Trim the points of each triangle and, pulling taut, glue the excess fabric to the back of the frame.

Cut two, 21cm pieces of striped ribbon and wrap one end of each around the frame at both sides so that they overlap and the raw ends are tucked under. Secure with glue. Leaving the top clear, apply small dots of PVA glue to the underneath edges at the two sides and the bottom. Place it onto the hanging and allow to dry. Stitch the ribbon to the hanging at the sides and iron on the reverse. Sew a length of ribbon across the middle of the green section under the pockets.

Trim the hanging to 42cm square. Cut three, 10cm x 19cm loops from turquoise fabric. Fold in half across the length, right sides together. Stitch a seam then turn right side out and press. Cut a 48cm piece of turquoise fabric and a piece of wadding the same size. Lay the fabric wrong side up followed by the wadding then the hanging right side up and pin together.

Fold all the edges of the backing over twice onto the front to form a border. Mitre all the corners by folding them onto the front first then folding each side to meet. Pin in place and then stitch around the hanging. Before you stitch across the top, tuck the ends of the three hanging loops under the border.

To make the button hangers, stitch two small white buttons on top of each other, then add a decorative one on top of those. Secure tightly. Start in the centre and repeat twice either side to make five. Hang from a wooden dowel.