Go Out With a Bang in Your Nursing Clog Shoes and Cheap Scrubs

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The right pair of cheap scrubs and nursing clogs shoes will everyone feel the bang. What is it that makes this combination so powerful? Well for one, not many people wear the cheap scrubs and nursing clogs shoes in a manner that will cause everyone to turn their heads. The way most people wear their scrubs is not so savvy. The savvy person would wear the right uniforms with the right shoes. Most people, however, wear their shoes and the uniforms the wrong way as proven by their inconsistencies.

To go out with a bang in your new cheap scrubs and nursing clogs shoes, just follow these simple steps.

1) Never ever wear the wrong top with the wrong pants. You wouldn’t wear a purple top, with pink pants. This can be detrimental, if not catastrophic. Also, follow these same guidelines when it comes to nursing clogs shoes.

2) Never wear the nursing clogs shoes with the wrong scrubs. The wrong kind of shoes can ruin your outfit, and can cause you havoc when it comes to hooking up the outfits. This doesn’t show any kind of confidence, and can lead to dismay and chaos. You wouldn’t want that would you, that doesn’t show any kind of confidence in your ability to dress.

To show everyone that you are serious when it comes to hooking up your cheap scrubs with the right nursing clogs, please match accordingly. You could get the blue designer sets, and wear the right shades of blue with it. You could get the pink outfits, and match it perfectly with the pink shoes. This would be great, and you could surely go out with a bang. The other way you could go out with a bang would be with the right mock wrap scrubs with the right pair of shoes. The mock wrap scrubs are different, and contour to your shape, and cause you to walk in awe when compared to other uniforms.

The right cheap scrubs combination with the right nursing clogs shoes would be quite difficult. There is no magic formula, and you can find any of these tips useful. To get the quite punch that stuns the crowd, you would have to go through lots of trial and error. Just like all the great scientists who had to encounter failure after failure until they became famous. Who knows, maybe your perfect cheap scrubs with the nursing clogs shoes, will cause a bang and let you be famous as well.

write by Jessica Reeder

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