Gola – A Brand That Is Still Popular

Gola - A Brand That Is Still Popular

Gola - A Brand That Is Still Popularblack t shirt

There have been many famous brands in the history of footwear and shoes. However very few have been able to survive turbulent times and come out a winner in terms of the brand name still respected and appreciated.

Gola is one such brand which after it got established way back in 1905 has managed to retain its brand identity despite being acquired by more than two owners over the years. The brand started off with making normal Gola chicago cubs hawaiian shirt but had the foresight to quickly identify the popular sports shoe market and therein started their journey of making high quality football boots and shoes. The 1930 Football World Cup saw a lot of players making use of Gola boots as it was known then since the game of football at that time was yet to embrace the modern sleek trainers as seen today.

Innovation has been a mantra that this brand has been regularly following. When the opportunity presented itself in the form of World War II, the company was quick to revert back to manufacture of military boots and under the brand name Gola Classics managed to sell a lot of these boots through the war years.

It was however in the 1950s that the making of special Gola chicago cubs hawaiian shirt for Rugby and Football was resumed by the company and it was at this time that the focus shifted on adopting better technology to make light weight shoes.

Gola also had a wonderful marketing strategy that was quite ahead of its times in that period. It sponsored the participation and ensured the attendance of physiologists at many of the professional soccer games by giving each of them a sports bag bearing the Gola brand, another simple bag and this gave the brand tremendous visibility on television when the games were telecasted either live or through recordings. It was a much cheaper and effective brand recall strategy and choosing physiologists made sense since they played such an important role in the well being and fitness of players.

The Gola brand became so popular that the Liverpool team under the captainship of Bill Shankley actually made a visit to its factory just prior to playing the FA final in that year and so impressed were they with the quality and workmanship that despite having signed up with Adidas, they played the game wearing Gola Classics boots that was duly customised by adding some white stripes.

The 1960s thus saw the emergence of Gola trainers and this soon began to have a cult following with denim wearers preferring it over other conventional footwear. To Gola goes the credit of coining the term ‘trainer’ and that term has stuck on over the years with other brands adopting it.

This brand celebrated a hundred years of its existence in 2005 and the year 2008 also saw Gola Classic Harrier celebrating its 40th anniversary. This Gola footwear brand is now marketed in more than 200 colour patterns and combinations.

The brand in 2009 endeared itself to its women fans when it came out with Gola Trainers for women.

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