Gondola Shelving Offers Retailers Effective Displays

Gondola Shelving Offers Retailers Effective Displays

Gondola Shelving Offers Retailers Effective Displaysblack t shirt

The two gondola configurations that fit most retailing requirements are single-sided and double-sided. The single-sided configuration is designed to be placed against a wall for support on the back side of the gondola. The double-sided configuration would typically sit in the middle of a sales floor, thereby dividing the store into sections appropriate for the merchandise varieties.

Gondolas are available in 3-foot and 4-foot widths with a 24-inch width and a 30-inch width available by special order. The two gondola configurations are constructed of identical pieces making the single-sided and the double-sided interchangeable. Heights are available starting at 36 inches and can be as high as 96 inches and beyond. Depths start out at 8 inches and can be as deep as 30 inches.

An end cap is available for the end of an aisle of gondolas to provide an attractive and useful display. The end cap is best configured with a single-sided wall section in a double-back configuration. This configuration can be easily slid up against any existing aisle of double-sided gondolas and will provide the same strength and stability that the standard gondola shelving is known for.

Additionally, versatile pieces known as end frames are also available. The end frame mounts onto an existing aisle of gondolas with mounting hardware. The end frame cannot hold nearly as much weight on the upper shelves as standard gondolas because the end frame does not have base st louis cardinals zip up hoodie directly connected to it.

The three major manufacturers of gondola shelving in the US are Lozier, Madix, and Streeter. The Lozier and the Madix are manufactured on the same basic concept, and most of the components are interchangeable. The upper shelves for the Madix and the Lozier are compatible with either manufacturer, although they will not align side by side the same. To avoid a mismatch, the same shelf could easily be used on a single row to create a uniform look. The Streeter brand of Gondolas are their own design and are not interchangeable with Madix and Lozier. All three are very well manufactured.

Many accessories are available for gondola shelving, such as corner gondolas that will extend a single-sided aisle run of gondolas on an inside or outside corner or even in a circular pattern. Accessories for many specialty items such as wine, candy, chips, wide and electrical goods, musical instruments, nuts, bolts, and nails, clothes hangers, wire baskets, baked goods, canopy systems with lights available, bins, shelf fencing and dividers. Also, many different styles of upper shelves and back boards are also available.

Add all this up, and gondola shelving configurations and accessories offer store owners and managers convenience, flexibility, and variety in any retail setting.

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