Great Gift Ideas for Teens

Great Gift Ideas for Teens

Teenagers can be easy to shop for, since they tend to make their wish-lists well-known and extremely detailed. However, you might want to infuse some creativity and personal meaning into the gift-selection process, rather than simply checking off items as you toss them into your cart. Why not also surprise your teen with something he or she hasn’t already thought of?

It’s often the unique, unexpected gifts that end up being the most treasured. Here are a few great gift ideas for teens:

A Balloon Ride

Hot air ballooning is one of the safest forms of air travel, and is certainly one of the most memorable ones. Rides typically last for about an hour, and in that time you and your teen can share the experience of floating with the wind and enjoying a bird’s-eye view of the world. The ride itself is actually smooth, so even if you’re not the daredevil that your teen may be, you both can still enjoy the unique thrill of the ride. is just one of the many sites that lists ballooning services by location, and/or you can use Google to search for balloon rides in your state or city. Many outfits offer ballooning in any season, and although you’ll have to reschedule if there’s a storm or extreme winds on your scheduled day, of course, it will be worth the wait and any temporary delays.

A Peanut Butter and Jelly of the Month Gift

On the subject of food, now that your teen has graduated from the standard peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches of extreme youth, consider introducing him or her to more exotic variations of the classic kiddy fare. offers gourmet peanut butters and preserves from around the world, delivered to your teen each month. Whether or not he learns to cook, he’ll always be able to make this much-loved sandwich, and with a new twist each month, he’ll never outgrow it. Expand your teen’s tastes and enrich his palate!

A T-Shirt of the Month Gift

Many teens love T-shirts, and with the way they go through clothes and pile up laundry, presenting them with a new, unique T- new york mets new york yankees t busch light plaquenilhydrochlor every month can be a great gift-giving idea. is just one of many sites that provide these monthly offerings, and their designs are hip and expressive. If your teen is the creative type, he or she can also submit designs, and score those of others, through the website. T-shirts are a relatively safe way to let your teen express himself. Subscribe your teen to a t- new york mets new york yankees t busch light plaquenilhydrochlor of the month club and you’ll show that them that parents can still be cool — even if they “just don’t understand.”

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