Green Chuck Taylor From the Converse All Star Line

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Recently I took a good look into the Converse All Star line and was a bit surprised to find that the most popular color in the whole collection (other than basic black or white) is Chuck Taylor Green!

Most people at one time or another have owned at least one pair of Converse All Star shoes (me included) and as it turns out more people who own one or more of the basic colors available own a pair in Green. (The bargain-basement prices on this color are a bit higher than other colors too, indicating a higher demand.)

If you’re on the lookout for a pair for yourself or someone you know, here’s what you can count on in terms of what’s available:

Hi Tops are probably the all-time favorite in the green – classic Hi Top shoes. These have a sturdy canvas upper with a flexible rubber sole. The hi upper provides additional ankle support and they’re amazingly versatile for any casual wardrobe.

Lo Tops – This is the original Chuck Taylor style and is a fun look in itself. Easy to slip on and off and are also the favorite shoes of many people all over the world and are also quite versatile for casual dress.

Double Upper – This is my personal favorite in the Chuck Taylor Green collection. There are two uppers, one lying lower than the other to reveal a contrasting color beneath. Both uppers for the shoe have eyelets so one, both or neither of the uppers can be laced for three distinctly different looks. In the year 2008, the Double Upper shoe from this line became extremely popular – even to the point it was hard to keep them in stocks for some merchants online. These are (in my opinion) the most fun and funky shoes in the entire All Star line.

Chuck Taylor shoes are for anyone. The various styles include men’s and women’s sizes as well as versions for toddlers and infants. There’s even a sweet little crib shoe version that are even great for newborns and are absolutely darling.

If you’re wondering what a pair of Green Chuck Taylor shoes might cost, it really depends on the size and style you buy – for example an adult size pair of shoes will cost more than for kids or toddlers, while the simple classic design of All Star shoes will cost a bit less than say the “Double Upper” design. However – generally speaking if you’re paying retail prices you can count on anywhere from $40 to $50 for adult sizes, a bit less for kids and even less for the smaller toddler and infant sizes. There are resources online that can be tapped into to buy Chuck Taylor shoes for discount prices, one just needs to know where to look.

write by STEVE BROWN

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