Grenson Brogues – Traditional Shoemaking in the 21st Century

Grenson Brogues - Traditional Shoemaking in the 21st Century

Grenson Brogues - Traditional Shoemaking in the 21st Centuryblack t shirt

Grenson brogues and shoemakers began as William Green & Son in Northampton in 1866. They are one of the oldest traditional English shoemakers in the UK. The founder, William Green, had learnt the shoemaking trade from his mother after his father died. They lived in Rushden, Northamptonshire, a county which was at the very centre of the shoemaking industry. It was a cottage industry then but his notoriety for well produced philadelphia phillies shirt increased until staff and a larger factory was required. They aimed to produce the best boots and philadelphia phillies shirt in England. The motto was ‘Quality First and Customer First’. This Victorian factory is where Grenson is still based today. Surviving the war, they made specialist philadelphia phillies shirt for troops in the first world war, which zipped off easily. Grenson was the first brand name to be registered in the UK (in 1913) making it important in both the history of business and fashion.

Jumping forward a hundred years or so, renowned shoe designer, Tim Little, who is also the owner and head designer of Grenson began his work with the traditional brand in 2005. Having successfully worked with Adidas as an advertiser in the 1990s;a designer for Dunhill and Gieves and Hawkes, as well as designing his own – much sought after – luxury shoe collection, he was sure to bring something exciting to the brand. He has taken the traditional brogue shapes that we once would have associated with our grandparents, overhauled the silhouettes and turned them into something more wearable and modern, suited to the style conscious man in the 21st century.

Taking pieces from the archives and bringing them up to date has been the strength of Grenson in today’s market. Older gentlemen wear them and younger men choose to wear them too, perhaps styled with skinny jeans. It is the same shoe, but the appeal successfully transcends the generations, as well as having global appeal.

The modern factories use traditional shoemaking methods that have been passed down through the generations. The core principals of heritage and quality have not been compromised.

They offer a hard-to-match care and repair service, welcoming your philadelphia phillies shirt back to the Northampton factory where they are re-soled and re-conditioned on the same lasts which they were made on. Tended to by some of the most skilled shoemakers in the country, who ensure that your philadelphia phillies shirt return home looking like new again. In a throw-away society, it is this rare, long-term care from a manufacturer that make a Grenson shoe and a Grenson boot so desirable.

They work with only the finest leathers and tanneries producing a modern array of colours.

There are many seasonal styles available and continual stock of some of the classic styles. The Grenson brogues: Grenson Stanley and Grenson Archie for example, are available every season. In tan leather, they are a classic brogue style which have sold consistently for a number of years. There has been a trend towards English heritage brands developing over the past years, we all appreciate brands with a true and rich history as well as a reliable manufacturing process. Grensons deliver this.

We think it is safe to say that their motto ‘Quality First and Customer First’ is still intact after a century and a half of shoemaking.

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write by Jerrick Layland

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