Guide to Kiddie Scuba Fin Selection

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In the age of the Internet, it seems that physical forms of recreation have been moderated by the thrills of a virtual gaming experiencing. Consequently, kids are becoming less attuned to traditional games that enticing them to sporting activities or a few minutes of exercise will prove to be a challenge for most parents. Apparently, the only way to sustain your child’s interest towards active recreation is to introduce them to fun, water-bound activities such as scuba diving or snorkeling. Scuba diving is now a favorite theme of many summer camps for kids or you could enroll your 10-year old with a local diving school to get trained for a junior open water certification.

Before getting your kids involved in any water sports, be sure to gear them up properly with the right scuba equipment to optimize comfort and fun. Wetsuits come in child sizes and so do diving masks. Scuba fins are no exception. Fins are the type of scuba gear that kids can’t seem to get enough of; so better check out a few considerations outlined below before driving to the nearest scuba equipment shop.

  1. Comfort. Kids won’t be enticed to love the sport should their scuba fins become a persistent source of discomfort.  Padded and easy to wear – these are major features to consider in the selection of underwater propulsion scuba gear. Moreover, the pair should neither be too loose nor too tight; so as much as possible bring along your child during the purchase and encourage him to select scuba fins that snuggly fit their feet.
  2. Durability. These are kids we are talking about. Thus, the subject of durability should form part of your decision. If you are expecting a longer serviceable life from the pair of scuba fins you intend to purchase for your child, make sure you are getting durable ones. The most durable scuba fins on the market are manufactured from rubber, reinforced plastic or a mix of said material components.
  3. Efficiency. Select a pair of scuba fins designed to provide excellent thrust and propulsion that won’t entail heightened kicking effort from your kids. Indeed, you are enticing your child to be physically active, but then again you wouldn’t want to wear them out with too much leg movement.
  4. Price. While fine tuned for improved performance, present day scuba fins are surprisingly inexpensive. In fact, you are bound to find a moderately-priced pair of durable and efficient scuba fins if you are diligent enough.

The above tips should help you get started on your purchase. Nonetheless, if you are still undecided, allow us to recommend the Kona Shoe Style Fins from the scuba equipment line of H2Oddyssey.  For starters, the pair comes in kiddie sizes that makes the Kona appropriate for kids and moms with extremely small feet. Outfitted with soft rubber foot pockets and only high grade materials, the scuba fins allow for optimum performance and user comfort; not to mention the advanced engineering methods employed in its manufacture. Furthermore, a pair of Kona Shoe Style Fins [ retails for less than $20; so what more could you or your kids truly ask for in a fin?

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