Halloween Decorations: Boo To You, And Pumpkins Too!

Halloween Decorations: Boo To You, And Pumpkins Too!

Halloween Decorations: Boo To You, And Pumpkins Too!black t shirt

It seems as if everyone is getting more and more interested in decorating for every holiday, and Halloween is one of my favorites! Whether you choose to go the spooky route, or the friendly route, Halloween decorating is fun for everyone. Most Halloween decorations are made the day before Halloween, and put out for just one night, so you probably want to decorate in a manner to pack the biggest boo for the buck.

Buy inexpensive styrofoam, gray paint (or granite paint, if you don’t mind the extra cost) and black markers. Cut various sizes and types of tomb stones, pile up hay to resemble grave mounds, for especially spooky Halloween decorations, fill a surgical glove with gelatin (mixed in the jigglers recipe on the back of the gelatin box) tie it off securely, and put it a detroit tigers sweatshirt sleeve filled with hay around a stick that can be stuck into one of the grave mounds, as if someone is trying to escape the grave. The gelatin will wiggle at the slightest movement. For added fright factors, splash a little fake blood around. String a fake spider web, sprinkled with spiders, buy dry ice for an ultra spooky fog, play ghostly tunes, and serve candy hands from a witch’s pot.

Recipe for Candy Hands:

Surgical gloves

Small bags of candy corn


Stuff the fingers with popcorn, then fill the hand with small packages of candy corn. Tie off at the ends, and ‘hand’ them out to the trick or treaters in your neighborhood.

If you prefer friendly Halloween decorations instead of ghoulish ones, play Casper the friendly ghost, instead of fiendishly frightening howls, and decorate with smiling ghosts made by covering helium filled, white balloons, tied off with a long piece of clear fishing line, and covered with white garbage bags. Paint on happy faces, and tying the ghosts with the other end of the fishing line, so they appear to fly with even the slightest breeze. Halloween “totem pole” decorations can be made by pushing pumpkins onto a length of one inch pipe, and drawing on happy faces, then pushing the pipe into the ground.

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