Harry Potter Halloween Costume Ideas

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Thanks to the last book, we know that Harry is not dead, and we also found out who his lady love is – Ginny. If you too have found your partner and want to celebrate this Halloween together with her, then this indeed is the perfect Halloween Costumes idea for you.

Harry is no longer only a child. He has grown up and his life is known to us through the epilogue that he gets married and has three beautiful children. What this information effectively does is that no matter what your age, you can still play Harry Potter, and you do not have to be necessarily in your teens. In fact a Harry Potter with grey hair would look as cool as a school kid.

Getting the look is actually very easy. You will have to get the characteristic round frame glasses and the uniform. Wear a grey sweater, with maroon tie and a huge oversized black robe.

All of them should be easily available at your neighborhood store. Do not forget to polish your school shoes. While Harry will wear grey trousers, Ginny will wear a grey skirt. Having a wand along just completes the look of your Halloween costumes design.

Considering the popularity, it is most likely that you would find Ron and Hermoine, or even a Dumbldore and Voldermort too somewhere in the Halloween party. You can initiate your mini club of Harry Potter buffs, and play your characters throughout. Do refresh your knowledge from the book, so that no matter what, you remain the undisputed Harry fan.

So the idea is not that your Halloween costumes design will be completely different from the rest, but the idea is that you might find batch mates of the Hogwarts School, your old friends and your old enemies, to make the Halloween night memorable.

So go ahead Harry and Ginny, the unbeaten champions of the world of wizards. Let this Halloween be the night when the rest of the Muggles can be told that Wizards live amongst them.

write by Laelia

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