HEPA Vacuum Cleaners – What You Need to Know

HEPA Vacuum Cleaners - What You Need to Know

HEPA Vacuum Cleaners - What You Need to Knowblack t shirt

If you and your family want to enjoy the cleanest air possible in your home – and who doesn’t? – you should choose HEPA vacuum cleaners over every other type. HEPA is the acronym for “high efficiency particulate air,” and the HEPA filter was developed by the Atomic Energy Commission during World War II to protect researchers from radioactive dust particles. It is the best filter in the world, and HEPA vacuum cleaners use this powerful filter to reduce the amount of dust spewed into the air from the vacuum as it is suctioned up. There are many different features to consider before choosing a vacuum that will serve you well, but good suction and a good filter system should certainly be among the most important considerations.

What a HEPA Filter Does

The HEPA filter traps particles as small as.3 microns with an efficiency rating of 99.97%, and you can’t do better than that. It means that for every 10,000 particles that enter the filtration system, only three particles will pass through. Pollen dust can be as small as five microns, and a particle of ten microns is invisible to the naked eye, which may give you a better idea of what this filter will capture. HEPA filters are used in laboratories, surgical environments, and every place that has extremely high clean air standards. A “HEPA-type filter” is less expensive but does not work nearly as well as a true HEPA. The product should state that it is rated at 99.97% for microns.3 in size or it is not the real thing.

HEPA Vacuums are the Top Choice for Allergy Sufferers

It is very important for allergy sufferers or anyone with breathing problems to purchase a vacuum with the lowest emissions possible. Also, if you want to protect small children or you have a pet in the house that sheds hair and dander, a great filter for your vacuum should be high on your list of “must haves.” Household dirt comprises between 75% and 80% dead human skin cells, and the rest is hair, animal dander, dust mites, pollen, dirt, soil, etc. A HEPA filter on your vacuum is an important cleaning tool that will help ensure the quality of your air. Some HEPA filters need to be replaced periodically; others can be washed.

For Clean Air Protection, Choose “Bags” Over “Bagless”

If you have severe allergies or breathing problems, not only HEPA vacuum cleaners, but also a model that collects dust and dirt in disposable bags is your best choice. Bagless cleaners vacuums, on the other hand, save money and time because the machine suctions up and collects dirt, dust, and soil in a bin or some kind of container that is simply emptied and replaced; disposable bags have to be purchased and are sometimes difficult to place correctly in the machine. For disposable bag models, you have to keep a supply of bags of the right make on hand, remember to check the fullness of the bag at regular intervals, and replace it when it is about two-thirds full to keep the suction of your vacuum operating at peak efficiency. However, the cost of vacuum bags is not very high and if you use them, the dirt and dust is safely trapped and discarded. Emptying a bin from a bagless vacuum allows a certain amount of dust to escape into the air again, and doesn’t offer the same protection. In fact, if you have allergies or breathing problems, you should wear a mask when emptying a vacuum bin.

Get the Maximum Benefit from Your Vacuum

You may think that restricting yourself to a vacuum with a HEPA filter and using only disposable bags rather than a collection container unduly limits your choice of machines. Not so. You can find these characteristics in many brands of upright, canister, wet/dry, or compact, and with such features as cordless and lightweight as well.

No matter which type and which brand suits your needs and your pocket book, it is important to care for, and use, your vacuum properly for maximum cleanliness and efficiency:

o Pick objects off the floor or carpet that could clog your vacuum before beginning your cleaning job.

o Vacuum forward most of the time instead of backward, overlap your strokes, and change direction occasionally.

o Use the crevice tool or the edge cleaner for the corners of the room and around immovable furniture, and an attachment that goes under furniture if you have an upright vacuum.

o A beater bar or rotating brush is good for loosening soil from carpets, but turn off this feature when vacuuming bare floors or using the accessories so that the brushes don’t wear out too quickly.

o The bristles on all brushes should be cleaned regularly – an old comb works well – the bag or bin emptied as often as required, and the filters cleaned or replaced according to manufacturer’s instructions.

o A manual pile-height adjustment feature allows you to choose light or deep cleaning, and if you have a vacuum that adjusts automatically, make sure that it adjusts to the height of your deepest pile carpet.

o Check that the cleaning tools for your machine, such as dust wands and upholstery brushes, are easy to attach and designed to be airtight when assembled.

o The power switch, cord re-winder and all other controls should be easy to reach and use.

o For safety reasons, wear viking shirts and hoodies or slippers when vacuuming so that your toes can’t become trapped and burned under the brushes of some models.

o Vacuum regularly and thoroughly – it is the best way to maintain the beauty of your floors, carpets, upholstery, and drapes.

The benefit of looking for information about these products and shopping online for vacuums and accessories is that it saves time and money. You can specify exactly what you are looking for and compare prices and features through many different online retail sources. Because online retailers don’t have the overhead associated with store-front operations, prices are very reasonable. Shipping is usually within a day or so, and sometimes can be expedited on request.

Our web site will help you find a vacuum that suits your requirements. You can compare prices and features, make your selection, and order from the comfort and safety of your home. If you have decided that an excellent filtration system is important to you, specify HEPA when searching. You won’t be disappointed.

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