Her Horse Cost More Than Mine – Marlins Vs Yankees Syndrome

Her Horse Cost More Than Mine - Marlins Vs Yankees Syndrome

Her Horse Cost More Than Mine - Marlins Vs Yankees Syndromeblack t shirt

It is a constant truth in the horse show world, no matter what you spend on a horse, there will always be someone who will spend more. You could spend 100,000$ and someone will spend 150,000$ to get that “better animal,” you could fork out 1,000,000$ for a show-jumper and someone will pay 2,000,000$ for the next. I contend, that it is not what you spend on an animal that counts, but how you spend that money. Research, or special contacts, or an “eye for horse flesh,” are far more important in my opinion than the actual dollar amount you might have to work with. I call this the Marlins vs. Yankee syndrome.

Historically, the Yankees can outspend anyone, and have huge budgets at their disposal to sign the best baseball players. They look at all the available players and pick the best one’s regardless of cost. They create their line ups out of superstars and swallow the competition with overwhelming payrolls and bank accounts. The Yankees are comparable to the riders who pick the winning horses and pay whatever it takes to obtain these freaks of nature. Very often, a wealthy owner will come out of nowhere and buy that million dollar horse and suddenly become a factor. These individuals have let the professionals do the background work for them and pay them for their diligence. These owners are always in contention, and very rarely have rebuilding years. The Yankees and “bigger budget” owners buy from the likes of the Marlins.

The Marlins, are a relatively young baseball team with a lower than average, if not the lowest, budget and payroll in major league baseball. They find their players out of college, searching and sifting through the piles looking for gems. When they find a gem, they usually sell it at a profit, and buy many more with the money earned. This process continues on and on, yet in the last fifteen years or so, the Marlins have won more world series championships than the Yankees. The Marlins use their “farm system,” better than the Yankees, and in a sense breed their young stock to be the best. The Marlins search for the green prospects, and train them. Yes, they sell a great deal to the Yankees, and have to start all over again after a sale, but that is what keeps them going, that is what lets them compete in a a very rich sport. The Marlins are comparable to the masses of riders out there, who have less of a “payroll, but try to compete with their stablemates who have money. Some of these riders will fall into the trap of saying, “well her horse cost more than mine,” and use that as an excuse as to why they cannot win themselves. I try to teach my students to be like the Marlins and compete on a lesser budget. Most horses started out relatively inexpensive, the people who have a smaller bank rolls need to find the gems, before they are expensive.

Do not get me wrong, I would rather be the general manager for the Yankees, than for the Marlins, but their are very few of those types of organizations out there. I also believe that very often the wealthy teams pay more for their talent, than the frugal ones. I have been in the Marlins’s st louis cardinals zip up hoodie far more often than those of the Yankees, and have managed to compete somewhat successfully. I believe riders can compete without huge bank rolls, they just have to sift through the masses of animals out there, and do their homework. I suggest the next time you, or one of your students begin to feel sorry for themselves, because someone else has a more expensive horse, that you go to a Marlins game, and see what they have to work with.

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