High Kickers – Exotic Dancers and Their Shoes

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What do exotic dancers, ballerinas and the Radio City Rockettes have in common? They all have exclusive footwear, designed to accentuate the flow of their leg from hip to toe. All three types of dancers present an art form that has everything to do with fancy footwork, and shoes are not only a much needed accessory, they are a necessity as well.

For the exotic dancer, heels are almost a pre-requisite. These can be clunky platforms with flashing lights inside the formed plastic heel, spiked stiletto pumps or wicked laced black leather boots.

Today in Vegas, high heel dance shoes and boots are the norm for the run of the mill showgirl, and strip clubs showcase a variety of exotic and even fetish footwear. The Rockettes were early on considered risqué in their white leather go-go boots as they performed high kick routines. Cheerleaders wear the go-go boots as well, as they make both the high kicks and gymnastic parts of their routine safer and easier.

Ballroom dancers are another group that depend on their footwear to add extra slink and verve to their movements. The high steps and kicks of the tango or the smooth footwork of Latin dancing both require rock solid balance and the long legged effect for maximum visual impact!

The advantage of high heeled boots or shoe to the exotic dancer is the exaggerated hip movement they naturally lend to a walk, and the increased attention they bring to the line of the body. The arch and calf muscles are sharply defined, while the eye is led up from the heel to the top of the thigh in a long, clean line.

Some dancers prefer the lower cut heeled sandals with ribbons that criss-cross up the leg. These are reminiscent of ballerina shoes, but have the heel of a pump. Platforms are an option that actually make small feet look even daintier in comparison to the clunky heel and sole they are encased in, and provide greater stability – although a dancer may tire more quickly having the weight on her feet!

Many exotic dancers purchase footwear that matches their outfit. They wear it sort of like a trademark. Black knee high leather lace-up boots might go with a sexy police uniform, while kitten heels match a teddy better. Killer red six inch stilettos flash around the traditional dancers pole, and high-heeled pumps and dressy shoes of all types are to be found in the dressing room and out.

Dominatrix and S&M footwear is common at fringe clubs. Exotic dancers that cater to the fetish crowd favor thigh high vinyl or heavy motorcycle style platforms. The drag queen circuit is renowned for their lavish footwear, and the Goth movement is making what was formerly exotic footwear more mainstream.

Dancers must remember to focus on proper fit when choosing their shoes since they will be worn for extended periods of time. Arch support and comfort should be a priority. High kickers must have adequate ankle support and a solid sole to avoid a nasty sprain or even a possible break.

write by Jessica Reeder

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