Holiday Keepsakes Memento Wrap – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: seaside print; beach effect; waterprint; striped fabric; deck chair print; calico, scraps; assorted prints, scraps Ribbon: Union Jack, wide; narrow, seagullprint; ‘admit one’WaddingBias binding, spotty ButtonFusible webbingInterfacing, fusible, lightweightThread, sewing, navyStamps: label design, three

Dimensions List

23cm x 30cm

Make a memory wrap

Cut a 23cm x 43cm panel of seaside print fabric and back with interfacing. Back beach effect print with webbing and trim to 8cm x 43cm, cutting one edge in a wavy line. Back water print fabric with webbing and cut to 3cm x 43cm, also with a wavy edge. Remove the backing paper and iron in place. Use navy sewing thread to machine stitch the beach print to the bottom of the main fabric, then sew the water print on top. Iron on the reverse.

Back a spare piece of seaside fabric with webbing, cut out an orange starfish, spade, and seagull motif. Stitch the starfish onto the ‘beach’ approximately 14cm from the right-hand edge. Trim an ‘admit one’ motif from ribbon and attach above the starfish, turning under both raw ends as you sew. Folding the ends under, stitch a 27cm length of Union Jack ribbon to the left-hand edge, ending just underneath the ticket. Sew a single Union Jack to the right-hand edge, 2.5cm from the bottom.

Machine stitch in navy around a couple of the printed seagulls and add a few stitched phrases; ‘fish and chips’, ‘summer holiday’, ‘salty toes’, and ‘oh I do like to be beside the seaside’. Iron on the reverse and set aside.

For the inside, cut a 23cm x 43cm piece of blue striped fabric, and a 9cm x 43cm piece of deck chair fabric. Fold over the top edge of the smaller panel twice and hem, then stitch a flag to the edge. Affix webbing to plain calico and hand stamp three labels on top. Allow to dry, then cut out and sew one on top of the deck chair fabric. Pin the panel onto the bottom of the striped fabric and stitch in place along the bottom and sides.

Stitch a 20cm piece of seagull ribbon across the top left corner of the striped section and sew an ‘admit one’ label underneath it. Download the ice cream templates and print. Back assorted prints in appropriate colours with webbing and cut out two ice cream shapes. Using darker thread, sew to the right-hand side of the striped panel, then embroider criss-cross and swirl details. Back brown fabric with webbing, cut out two chocolate flakes and sew in place.

Back blue and red printed scraps with webbing and cut out 10 mini bunting triangles. Arrange across the top, starting at the edge of the seagull ribbon, and stitch across the triangles in navy thread. Sew on the seagull motif that was cut from the seaside fabric. Stitch it just above the flag. Sew on another stamped label to the righthand side.

Affix webbing to a scrap of yellow fabric, then cut a circle slightly larger than the circular stamped motif. Sew around the stamp design to attach. Sew a spade motif across the bottom of the circular label. Stitch the whole label piece to the striped fabric just above the seagull, trapping a small loop of thin Union Jack ribbon at the top. Iron the whole piece on the reverse.

To make up, lay the seaside front with the wrong side facing up. Cut a piece of wadding the same size, then lay the striped inside on top with the right side upwards. Pin together and stitch all the way around with a 5mm seam allowance. Fold the wrap in half and mark with a pin. Stitch this line from bottom to top. Fold both ends in towards the middle, crease, then stitch each line to ensure a neat fold.

Starting at the bottom, sew bias binding all the way around and finish by tucking the raw end under. Use a 20cm piece of seagull ribbon to make a loop for the back, covering the raw ends with a button. Cut two 33cm lengths of seagull ribbon for the ties and hem both ends. Fold the ends of the wrap into the centre, then fold the whole thing in half. Stitch the ties to the folded edges and fasten in a bow.