Homecoming Dresses and Shoes – The Shoes Are Just As Important

Homecoming Dresses and Shoes - The Shoes Are Just As Important

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The shoes that you choose to wear with your homecoming dress are one of the most important accessories in your overall appearance. First and foremost, the style and color of your homecoming dress will determine the type of shoes that you purchase. For example, one of the most popular trends for homecoming dresses this season is a shorter hemline. High heels are an ideal shoe to choose for this type of gown, because it creates the illusion of length to your leg and height to your overall appearance. Similarly, if you opt to wear an ankle or floor length gown, then your shoes will not be highly visible. Therefore, you have a greater amount of flexibility in the style of shoe that you choose.

For floor length gowns, it is recommended that you choose a ballet shoe or other type of flat. If you wear extremely high heels with this type of gown, the additional height of the heels can alter the proper length of the hemline. If the dress contains asymmetrical detailing, then a strappy sandal will compliment the detailing attractively. As a general rule of thumb, the flashier that your dress is, the more sedated the detailing of your shoes should be. The color of your shoes will be the next item to consider. Ideally, the color of the shoe should not directly match the color of your dress. Rather, you should seek out a shoe color that is complementary to that of your dress. Neutral colors, like shades of brown, gold, silver, or cream, generally work well with almost any color of dress.

Arguably, the most important aspect of choosing shoes for your homecoming dress is their comfort level. Most likely, you will be dancing during the evening, and you may even hang out with your friends afterward. If your shoe is causing you discomfort with each step you take, it can greatly impede your ability to enjoy your evening. If you choose to wear a high heel with your dress, you should be able to walk and balance comfortably in it. On the other hand, you are under no obligation to choose conventional homecoming shoes. Flip flops, cowboy boots, and even Converse sneakers have all been successfully paired with homecoming dresses before. Despite the type of shoe that you choose, it should not upstage your homecoming dress, which is the most important aspect of your ensemble.

write by John Davis

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