Horseback Riding Apparel For Everyone

Horseback Riding Apparel For Everyone

Horseback Riding Apparel For Everyoneblack t shirt

Okay you have a horse or you want to get one. Now you need to figure out what kind of horseback riding apparel you will need. Some things you need to think about before buying apparel for this type of activity are important. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you spend your money. What type of riding will you be doing? Are you going to participate in any events such as jumping, barrel racing and so on? Are you going to be doing any fox hunting or other hunting on horseback? Do you want to ride English or Western style? What is the climate around you? If you are participating in some events, what are the standards of apparel and are there any restrictions that need to be known? Make sure you check about the ages of events for children and see what they will need for apparel. Some standards are different depending on ages. If showing, what do you need for your horse?

Horseback riding apparel can be frustrating if you have no idea what you need or do not know much about the sport. One thing that you will need is boots. Horseback riding boots are made to keep you feet from slipping from the stirrups. You do need this to keep control of your horse and for safety. There are a few different types of riding boots to choose from such as field, dress or paddock boots. They are cut differently and some sports such as formal foxhunts have an appropriate style that is accepted. There are different types of horseback riding apparel for sports such as polo. There are breeches, gloves, helmets, belts, chaps, hats, boots coats and much more.

You will also have to choose which style saddle you want to use. This does make a difference in what type of riding you will be doing. If you are planning to round up cattle then you want a western style saddle and some good leather gloves and western style apparel. If you will be jumping with your horse in competition then you will need an English style saddle and the apparel required with that sport. Typically, you do not wear open-toed sandals when riding a horse. You want sturdy close-toed boots.

If riding for strictly pleasure you do not have to have riding gear, but there are precautions that you would typically pay attention too such as close-toed shoes. A riding helmet for safety is always a good idea. If you have ever fallen from a horse then you know if seems like you are falling from high up and you can get seriously hurt when you land.

Protecting your head can save your life. The horse can always take a fall or stumble and you will fall with him or her. If your horse gets spooked, they may throw you and if you have a helmet on your risk, a much lower chance of getting seriously injured or even critically hurt. When choosing horseback riding apparel have fun but also make sure, you purchase some protection for your body also. There is something for everyone so have fun shopping.

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