Horseshoe and Heart Wedding Mementos – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, floral, pale pink; rose head print; silk, duck egg blue; teal; linen, vintage embroidered; lace Braid, pale turquoise, 1mRibbon: typeface printed; pink Trim, lace Button, diamant? Bead, pearlInterfacing, fusible WaddingToy fillingCardGlue, stick, acid-free

Dimensions List

Horseshoe: 14cm x 15cmLovebird heart: 15cm square

Stitch a horseshoe

Download and print the templates for this project. Use the horseshoe outline to cut two from card and two from wadding. Use an acid-free glue stick to adhere each piece of wadding to each cardboard horseshoe and set aside.

Cut two more horseshoes from pale pink floral fabric, but allow an extra 1cm all the way around. Cut rose heads from printed fabric, a piece of pieces of table linen onto the silk dupion, so it borders the embroidered flowers. Arrange all of these pieces onto one of the pale pink horseshoe shapes, then stitch into place using dark pink thread to add depth to the roses. Iron on the reverse.

Lay the finished front horseshoe wrong side up and place one of the card horseshoes on top, wadding side down. Holding it still with one hand, carefully snip into the fabric overhang in 1cm increments all the way around. Apply an acid-free glue stick around the edges of the card and fold each snipped tab over onto it – do this to the outer curve first, then the inner curve making sure the fabric is taut for the front. Allow to dry. Repeat this for the other horseshoe to form the back.

Place the front and back of the horseshoe wrong sides together. Take an 80cm piece of turquoise braid and, starting near the bottom of the horseshoe, trap the braid between the front and back allowing half of it to show. Ladder stitch it together, working all the way round. As you reach each top side, trap each end of a 60cm piece of printed ribbon to form the handle.

Embroider a lovebird heart

Use the heart template to cut two from pale pink floral fabric. Set one aside for the back. Cut a piece of duck egg blue silk to cover the bottom half of the front and cover the join with a piece of ‘Mr & Mrs’ ribbon. Stitch decorative lace underneath the ribbon. Iron on the reverse.

Back a small piece of teal silk with interfacing and use the template to cut out two birds. Place them in the centre of the heart front and stitch the details in pale pink thread. Cut an embroidered flower from old table linen, mount it onto a lace motif, then onto a piece of silk, before stitching it in place at the top left of the heart. Set aside.

Take the heart that you set aside for the back and cut a section from old table linen to make a small pocket. Turn under the raw edges before stitching in place, then make a small loop for the fastening. Slide a small diamante buckle onto a narrow piece of ribbon and sew it in place so that the loop will fit over it.

Place the front and back right sides together and pin. Cut 60cm from pink ribbon, fold it in half, and place it inside the heart at the top with the raw ends sticking out. Stitch around the heart using a 5mm seam allowance and leave a gap for turning on one side. Clip into the curves and remove the excess from the bottom before turning. Lightly stuff, close the opening, then add a pearl accent to the top.