How To Best Wear A Fashionable Coral Dress

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Bright, daring colors such as coral are very “in” right now, and look fabulous on almost any skin tone. These fun shades are for the adventurous, and sure to put you in the spotlight. A coral formal dress can be worn a number of ways, and with many different accessories. Depending on the occasion and your own personal style, you just might have found your true color.

A dazzling necklace looks great on rounded necklines or a strapless coral dress. A rule of thumb when wearing vibrant colors such as coral is, if you are going to wear jewelry, go big. A delicate diamond pendant would be lost in translation and simply would not “go” with the coral dress. Pearls truly round out coral tones, especially when layered. They do not have to be authentic, and chunky, off-white beads are a casual, fun alternative to this look. If you want something a bit more refined, the deep blues of the sapphire gemstone look absolutely lovely with a coral dress.

When selecting make up for a coral silk dress ensemble, it is crucial to avoid being washed out by this color’s powerful effect. Go for a natural look, and avoid foundation if possible to allow your natural glow to shine through. Just use a coverup for any blemishes and under eye dark circles. A rosy blush should be used, along with a strong lipstick. When it comes to an eye shadow, you should be more conservative to avoid looking as though you are wearing too much makeup. A very light blue could be used, or none at all. Liberal use of mascara can truly offset the outfit’s femininity.

Most skin tones are flattered with a coral silk dress. Olive skin tones are enhanced by this splash of color. If you have a warm skin tone, such as a charming mocha or a soft tan, red undertones flourish. Yellowish skin tones are also flattered by coral dresses. However, those with a bluish, or very pale skin tone, may or may not look as stunning in a coral dress, especially because an already pale skin tone may be further washed out by bright coral. Dark haired, dark eyed brunettes look best in coral, but blue eyes can be highlighted in this color.

A belt is optional with the coral dress. If one is used, it should be solid black, and not too flashy. A thick black cinch belt does wonders for a bulging tummy area, and adds luscious curves that are only accentuated by the outfit’s strong colors. Black shoes can pull together the coral dress look, however, nude heels create a classic look that tame the whole outfit.

write by Alan Gill

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