How To Choose A Great Pair Of Wedding Shoes

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Picking shoes for your wedding may be one of the last things you do. You will need them for your dress fittings, if you are having your dress tailored, and many a bridge has run out at the last-minute to get shoes that will match the dress. Even those who want to wear special shoes or shoes that stand out may put off making their decision because there are so many options. While this often works out, you should plan to take some time picking the right shoes for the event. You will be walking and standing, having your photo taking, and going through a day when all eyes will be on you. This includes every part of your outfit, so if you want to look your best it is important to pick the right shoes. A foot podiatrist or foot orthotics specialist would recommend you combine comfort and style. Keeping your feet healthy on your big day will go a long way in helping you look and feel your best.

If you are wearing a white dress and you want to wear white shoes, choose your whites carefully because there are many shades of white that are slightly different and may look as if you made a mistake when it comes to matching. If you are planning to use several shades of white throughout the wedding, the shoe color will not make as big of a deal. However, if all of your whites are stark and bright and you choose an eggshell shade of shoes, it will look as if you picked your shoes in bad lighting.

Those who are looking for something different can choose shoes in a color other than white. Since you are pairing the shoes with a primarily white gown, you can pick any color of the rainbow and it will work well together. Your shoes can match the dresses of your bridesmaids, your new husband’s accessories, or your cake. Regardless of what color you choose, it will add a bright pop to your outfit and will really stand out in photos.

When choosing your shoes, pay special attention to any adornments or jewels. If you are wearing nothing but pearls and your shoes have rhinestones on them, it may look as if you have overlooked a detail. While this is not a big deal, if you really want to look put together on your wedding day, make sure the patterns and adornments are consistent. If you are mixing different jewels, do so across the entire outfit and avoid having your shoes be the only difference.

Finally, if you are wearing heels, consider getting a pair of cute flats for walking longer distances of for later in the evening. Many brides end up in their bare feet by the end of the night and while she is free to do whatever she wants, it will alter the look of the dress and may make her feet hurt more in the long-run. Being able to change into a comfortable pair of flat shoes that still go with the dress makes a big difference when it comes to comfort.

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