How To Choose Men’s Dress Shoes That You Will Be Happy With For A Long Time

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If you are a businessman or someone who has to wear dress shoes in your place of employment it is necessary to have at least a couple of pairs of quality footwear. Unlike women, men tend to not be concerned as much about their choice of shoes and tend to be lost when trying to find the right pair of shoes. Depending upon how dressy your job environment is you have several styles to choose from, here are a few things to consider that will help you make the right choice for your situation.

Since the average person tends to walk around three miles or so per day, the first thing you should be concerned with is comfort. How much padding do they have? Do they have a sturdy insole? If you have high arches you want a shoe that will rise up to support them. This is really the crucial consideration for comfort. Also, if you have a job that requires you to be on pavement or perhaps some other abrasive surface you may want to consider shoes with a Vibram sole which is a very comfortable rubber sole that is also resistant to abrasion and chemicals.

The durability of the footwear is another major consideration that needs to be looked at especially if you only have a couple of pairs of shoes that you will be wearing all the time. Whether you choose leather or rubber soles you want the shoes to have a high quality think sole. Inspect the stitching to be sure that it is tight and of good craftsmanship. The think soles not only help to make the shoes last longer but they also add to the comfort by absorbing some of the shock of repeated foot strikes.

In any business environment there are different categories of dress such as business casual or formal. If you work in a law office you will more than likely be required to wear something more formal in contrast to an automotive dealership or retail sales store where you may be able to get away with the business casual look. It is my personal opinion that all men should have at least three pairs of dress shoes in these colors; black, burgundy, and brown. These three colors will cover almost any color of pants that you would wear with them. Of course matching belts need to be purchased as well to coordinate with the footwear. Shoes can be dressed up or down depending on what they are worn with. A pair of kiltie slip on oxfords can be business casual or even more casual when worn with a pair of faded jeans.

write by Mohammed Hamid

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