How To Choose The Best Golf Shoes To Help Enhance Your Golf Game

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The first thing to consider when looking for a great pair of golf shoes is the way you play golf. The way you play is a factor that should greatly influence the type of golf shoes you purchase. A person who likes to walk the green will have different needs than someone who usually rents a cart to play.

The quest for the perfect golf shoe for you will also involve knowing which type of spike to choose. You may be better off choosing the plastic spikes as more and more golf courses are outlawing the metal variety. The reason many courses have gone away from allowing metal spikes is that they are hard on the grass and make the course look unkempt. Soft plastic spiked shoes make it easier to walk on the cart paths and in the clubhouse of your favorite course as well as being much healthier for the golf course greens. Shopping for golf shoes will be easier on you and on the course if you seek out shoes that use soft spikes for your golfing.

Another thing to do when you look for your golf shoes is to try on many shoes from a variety of brands. No matter what you are looking for in a golf shoe, and no matter what it is you find, you should always try on the shoes. When trying the golf shoes on, it is important to walk around the shop for a few minutes to determine how the shoes will feel. If you are going to walk 18 holes, you will want them to be very comfortable. Make sure there is a little wiggle room in the toes, but no slipping in the heals. It is best to try on golf shoes after lunch since feet expand during the day. If you try them on too early in the day you will find yourself with a very tight fit after just a few holes of golf. If you try them on at the end of a long day, you may purchase a pair that will be sloppy and cause blisters from the slipping. Choose a pair of golf shoes that have good arch support, solid but slightly flexible soles, and fit well on your feet. You want your feet to be comfortable so you can focus on your game and not your foot pain.

The game of golf begins with your feet. Starting with your stance and moving to the way you shift your weight during your swing, the feet play an important role in your overall game. Being that your feet are so vital to your game, it is important to have the best golf shoes possible. You need shoes that fit well, are comfortable and have the right kind of spikes on them. Soft spikes are becoming more and more popular as hard spikes are being banned on some courses. You may have to try on many pairs to find just the right ones and from there the best advice is, “if the shoe fits (buy) it”.

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