How to Clean a Vehicle Hubcap

How to Clean a Vehicle Hubcap

How to Clean a Vehicle Hubcapblack t shirt

With the warm weather coming, there’s no doubt going to be some brilliantly sunny days that are perfect for pulling your car into the yard or down the driveway for a hand wash. It’s one of the greatest ways to get the best shine on your vehicle but when we’re enjoying the sun and washing down our car, we tend to forget that each hubcap needs special attention. If you don’t keep each hubcap clean they tend to stand out like a guy in a new business suit wearing white running shoes.

Hitting the Carwash for a Hubcap and Wheel Cover Scrub Down

Those that do prefer to wash a car by hand to give it that expert polish and quality clean will often still take the car through an auto wash in hopes that it will get each hubcap and the undercarriage clean, the tires, etc. Unfortunately these quick-service auto washes won’t do your hubcap justice. You’ll still end up with dirt that is ground in from the brushes and caked under new layers of wax.

Why You Should Clean Each Hubcap and Wheel Cover

If you don’t really care about the image of your car then cleaning each hubcap isn’t necessary. You can be content to be one of those drivers that tools around with mud, dirt, grime and break dust caked onto each hubcap. It’s a matter of a personal preference and some people don’t mind being dirty.

If you actually take pride in your image however then you should take the time to clean each hubcap on your car on a regular basis. If all your car has is a simple hub cap on each wheel then you don’t even have a lot of surface area to clean and the job is pretty simple. Wheel covers might need a little more time and attention but it’s worth it when every inch of your car is shining in the driveway.

The main reason you need to clean your hubcaps and wheelcovers however is not based on image, but on cosmetic damage. The longer you leave grime and road dirt, asphalt and other agents stuck to your hubcap or wheelcovers, the faster they will corrode and lose their shine. Each hubcap or wheel cover can start to pit and once the cosmetic damage begins, no amount of washing is going to improve the look of your vehicle.

When it comes down to it, taking a little time to wash your wheel covers and scrubbing down each hubcap is much cheaper (since you spend only time) than replacing your hubcaps frequently.

How to Wash Each Hubcap and your Wheel Covers

Remove each hubcap (or wheel covers if you have them) and set them in a position that will let you spray them off with a high power hose or nozzle. Use a fine stream to remove most of the debris. Soak your rag in a soapy solution and gently scrub away the face of the hub cap or wheel cover, being sure to get the crevices on the face.

If there are any stubborn spots, use a toothbrush with your soap solution to clean those spots. Repeat as needed for each hubcap until they are all clean. Make sure you clean your hubcaps and wheel covers at least once a week to maintain their life and luster.

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