How to Cook Pizza?

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Pizza was firstly cooked by Italian for pie, and because of its special taste and good-looking appearance it developed so fast that it was one of the favorite foods in many countries in the world including the USA. We can see numerous kinds of pizza in the Pizza Hut. Actually, cooking pizza is not as difficult as it seems to be.

The first thing you should do is to prepare the ingredients for all including the base, piazzaiola and the topping. There are six things that you must have for the base which contains flour, olive oil, salt, water, dried yeast, and sugar. Then you must make sure that you have bought an onion, some garlic, tomatoes, oregano, basil and pepper. These things will be used as the necessary ingredients for the piazzaiola. Enough cheese, perma ham and some salami can make your pizza more nice and tasty. All these things are required to be prepared before.

The second thing may need your patience because it may cost you some time. Before the cooking, you are required to make dough. Firstly, mix the yeast with some water and sugar and keep it in the glass for a few minutes when there is some foam. Secondly, put the flour in a larger bowl where some olive oil, salt, water and the yeast you just prepared will be put in and mixed with the flour. And you should knead them until it become dough and then put it there for some times with a cover of a towel. During the time you are waiting, you can go to the next step for pizzaiola by add the tomatoes and peppers into the fried pieces of onion and the garlic.

The third thing is to use your fingers to spread parts of the dough in a pizza pan. Then cut the mozzarella and the whole toppings. After that, spread the piazzaiola onto the dough with the toppings on the top and the cheese last.

The last thing seems to be easier. You just need to put the pizza in the oven and wait for a few minutes. The process of preparation may require you some efforts and time, but when you eat the pizza that is made by yourself you will find it worth doing all these things.

If you follow the steps above, you can definitely find that cooking pizza is as easy as watching TV and it is also very interesting in cooking. But, if you are still interested in cooking some other pizzas, you may search on the Internet for some more details for the recipe or some videos about cooking pizza.

write by Wolfgang

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