How to Create Minnie Mouse Ears Hats

How to Create Minnie Mouse Ears Hats

If you plan to wear a Walt Disney themed attire for an event or party, then the Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse ears hats are the ideal accessories you need to have. These accessories are fun and playful but unfortunately may be too costly when bought at specialty Disney Stores, so let’s discus an inexpensive alternative that will be fun with your child as well.

You can actually create your own Minnie Mouse ears hats at home. Because it’s so cheap and easy to do, you could even make a separate set of ears for each member of the family. Not only that, the do-it-yourself Minnie Mouse ears hat is an opportunity for you to unleash your artistic potential as a parent when you make your children’s costumes. It gives you the chance to customize and personalize your Disney hat when making one based on your style, and even adds a touch of your child’s personality, interests and hobbies on these hats that you create. Since the Disney costume theme has been primarily one that a lot of children want to wear, these accessories are a fitting complement to their Halloween costumes.

Here are some guidelines and tips to aid you create your own Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears hats:

  1. Assemble the needed supplies: thick felt fabric, sewing machine, matching thread, heavy iron fabric, scissors and pins.
  2. Cut out a full circle from your black felt fabric. After that, cut the circle into two to yield two semi-circles that measure 8 inches by 8 inches in width and length. On the cut of the fabric, measure and cut about 1.4 inch long small slits around the circular portion.
  3. Position one of the circular halves on top of the other with their right sides facing each other and then pin both circles together. Seal them in place by sewing the edges and curves of the semi-circles altogether.
  4. Next, the flat area of the semi-circles should be hemmed and then flip the hat inside out.
  5. Measure four even circles, each having a diameter of 5 inches, and cut them out from the black felt paper. And again measure two pieces of interfacing circular pieces which are also 5 inches in diameter. Create two sets of circles with each set containing two felt fabric circles and one interfacing circle.
  6. The wrong side of the felt fabric of each interfacing circle, from each set, should be ironed out. Pin both pieces of fabric in place, then sew them together with their wrong side out. Allow about 2 inches on the seam and turn the ear again right-side-out.
  7. After you have sewn each Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears for your hat, sew the opening to close the hat. On the hat’s base, sew one circle on each side.

When all the work is finished, fit the hat to your child and see if it securely fits their head without being uncomfortable. You’ll need a black t- viking shirts and pants to finish the outfit. If your budget permits, complement these hats with any Mickey and Minnie Mouse inspired costume.

write by David Delisi