How To Dress For The Medical Device Sales Interview

How To Dress For The Medical Device Sales Interview

How To Dress For The Medical Device Sales Interviewblack t shirt

Job interview attire is a critical piece of the job interview preparation process, just as important as your answers to interview questions, your 30/60/90-day plan, and your technique for closing for the job. The image you project to the hiring manager shows him the image you will project to your customers. And, dressing with care will affect how he will treat you and perceive your skills. (Study after study shows that well-dressed people in all situations receive better treatment and more respect.)

Interviews for jobs in medical device sales require conservative dress, just like most interviews. Generally, dressing for success requires a suit in some conservative/neutral color, a professional hairstyle (not too trendy), little to no jewelry and understated makeup, perfume, or cologne.

Appearance is important in medical device sales, and so, it becomes important in your interview. A recent survey conducted by PHC Consulting finds that hiring managers in medical sales do appreciate (and expect) candidates to follow those rules of conservative dressing, but they also expect some attention to current styles. More specifically, they expect suits. Even though about a third prefer female candidates to wear a skirted suit, a full 78% said that whether a woman wears a skirt or pants makes no difference in their hiring decision. The most important thing is that the candidate is comfortable and professional. For instance, a skirt that is too short or that makes a candidate fidget because it’s uncomfortable is always a mistake. One of the biggest mistakes men can make (besides showing up without a tie) is sporting a creative beard (like a goatee) in a conservative industry.

Above all, hiring managers want candidates to be conscious of the fact that this is a first-impression situation, and to remember to iron their clothes, shine their shoes, get their hair trimmed, and show up with a good portfolio. Attention to details like these demonstrates for the hiring manager that you will also pay attention to the details of the job.

Care with your appearance at a job interview projects a professional image to the hiring manager and allows him to focus on what matters: why you’re the best candidate for the job.

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