How to Dress Your Children in The Right Monsoon Gear

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Splash, splash! The hot summer is long gone and monsoon rains are at our doorstep. It’s time to get ready for the monsoon and dress your children accordingly. It would be great if our children would just stay indoors, but it’s also true that they have to go out and play. So as parents, it’s important that you have the right monsoon gear ready for your children so that will remain dry and can fully enjoy the rain.

Below is a list of a few essentials that will help your children enjoy playing outdoors and keep your mind at comfort.

Rain-Coat: You first need to get a nice water proof jacket or rain-coat. Buy a bright colored rain-coat as it will break the boring dark colors of the weather and lighten up your children’s spirit. If you live in a particular area that receives heavy rainfall, I would recommend that you buy a slightly thick coat. The cuffs should have elastic or velcro fastenings so that water doesn’t enter the coat. If possible make sure it has a hood and pockets, they always come in handy.

Pants: It’s important that you have proper waterproof pants also. When you buy the rain-coat, you might just get pants as-well to match the coat. If you don’t, and have to buy them separately, ensure that it has wide leg openings so that they can worn comfortably over regular clothes and without having to take off their shoes. It would be ideal if they have velcro or elastic at the waist and bottom of the legs.

Umbrella: Purchase a nice sturdy and reliable umbrella. You don’t want your child to be caught in the rain with the wind blowing and within a minute be blown away with the wind or worse have their umbrella break. Umbrellas will last for years if you invest in a good one.

Water-proof Shoes: During the rains it is important to keep dry, especially the feet. Make sure your children wear shoes that are water-proof and don’t skid. Children will be playing and running around outdoors, so shoes such as converse, suede or flip-flops aren’t advised. Buy wellington boots, trainers or leather shoes with rubber soles.

Clothes/Tops: Have your children wear T-shirts/tops and lowers of cotton fabric that are loose and baggy to offer respite from the humidity. Because it can be uncomfortable for children to wear tight clothes and then feel sweaty all day or worse get wet in them and have the clothes stick to their body.

Just remember to get these basic essentials ready and I am sure you and your children will have lots of fun this monsoon season.

write by jeff gaither

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