How to Ease Foot Pain Among Pregnant Women

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During pregnancy, women are prone to pain not just on the feet but in most parts of the body. Problems during pregnancy arise because of various reasons. The added weight gain you get during this time can change woman’s center of gravity. This can add difficulty to your feet as well as your knees. This article can give you some tips on how you can ease foot pain during pregnancy:

· Support your leg if it is possible. You need to avoid cross legs while you are pregnant. Crossing of legs during pregnancy can decrease blood circulation on your legs. Putting support will help you lessen swelling and pain.

· If you are sitting for a long time because you have difficult pregnancy, try to stretch your legs once in awhile. Stretching can increase the blood flow on your legs.

· Pregnant women should maintain or drink more water than ordinary women. You have to avoid eating foods that have high salt content. Salt is made up of sodium and sodium can increase fluid retention on your feet that may cause swelling. Most pregnant women suffer from edema or swelling because of too much salt in their diet.

· You can prevent cramping of legs by having daily exercises that are recommended for pregnant women. You can ask your doctor for safe exercises meant for you. You can also do small exercises like rotating your ankles or walking ever morning.

· Pregnant women should always wear comfortable shoes that promote arc support. If you are planning to walk everyday you should wear rubber shoes instead of just plain slippers. This can help your feet manage added weight.

Pregnancy is not a traumatic experience, it just become one to those who lacks proper information and guidance from professionals.

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