How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Black Skinny Jeans For You

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An article discussing the different styles of black skinny jeans, and the kinds of fashion accessories you can wear with them to look fashionable and stylish.

One of the great things about black skinny jeans is the fact that they are so versatile – you can wear them with so many different kinds of clothing and you’re practically guaranteed to look cool and stylish while feeling comfortable and fashionable. However how do you find the perfect pair of skinny jeans to suit you?

First of all you will need to decide what you want to wear with your jeans. Skinny jeans come in so many different colours, with red, blue, indigo and grey being among them most popular choices. However it’s black skinny jeans that offer the most number of options when deciding what else to wear with them. The important point here is that the colour black does not dominate the full costume you’re wearing, as long as you’re wearing a different coloured top. You can also try different styles of footwear, for example trainers, boots and sandals are often a good way to go. When deciding what kind of top to wear, funky printed t-shirts, retro vintage styled shirts and also band t-shirts always look cool. Another popular choice is vest tops, which come in a lot of different styles.

So, now you’ve decided what kind of footwear and top to wear, it’s time to think about accessories. A belt is an easy way to accessorize skinny jeans- try a printed belt or even a leather studded one for that biker or “emo” image. You could even try wearing braces, to give you a very stylish and help you to stand out from the crowd.

You might be delighted to find out that once you’ve decided what to wear with your black skinny jeans, the hardest part is actually already out of the way! This is because there are not very many options when it comes to skinny jeans. Most of them are made from a cotton and lycra mix (which is what gives them their characteristic stretchiness and comfortable snug fitting property), but there are some different materials available, including “leather look” styles, and also jeans decorated with studs.

Other style options you may come across include different waist heights. High-waist jeans is a style typical of 1980’s fashions, which is cool if you want to go for a retro image. Skinny jeans with more of a low waist are the most popular and widely available today, but there are still some places when you can find pairs with a high waist.

Earlier in this article I mentioned that you can find jeans decorated with studs. These are often sewn into the seams (down the sides of the legs). Another feature you might find is embroidered patters again either down the sides of the jeans or on the pockets, which can be a very attractive and unique charactistic.

Now that you’ve read this article, you will have learned all about the types of clothing items and accessories you can wear with black skinny jeans, as well as some of the different styles of skinnies (as they are also known) that you can find.

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