How to Get the Best From Your Tanzania Safari

How to Get the Best From Your Tanzania Safari

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For wildlife lovers or adventure enthusiasts a Tanzania Safari can be the perfect choice when planning your next getaway. Whether you want to indulge in the sights of nature or sleep beneath the stars, the life changing opportunities are endless. Discover what the African wilderness has to offer from the stretch of the flaming Serengeti plains to the depths of the rainforest, watch the mists clear over Mount Kilimanjaro and witness a lioness snatch the life of a gazelle. There is nothing more wondrous than life on safari. Yet there are a few tips you should consider to get the best from your Tanzania safari experience.

Know What You Want to See

Tanzania provides visitors endless opportunities when it comes to spotting an abundance of wildlife. However you should plan beforehand what you hope to see and choose your safari parks to fit these needs. Whilst in the heart of the Serengeti National park you have the chance to spot big game, some of the smaller parks offer guests the chance to see awe inspiring flora and fauna and a few rare creatures left on this earth. Decide what animals you wish to see on Safari beforehand and try and plan your route through safari to match these needs.

Choose the Right Time of Year

If you are hoping to catch the Great Migration taking place then you should be sure to select the right time of year. Whilst it is difficult to pinpoint the exact date that the Great Migration happens you do have a heightened chance of catching the action in July through until September as this is usually when the herds cross the Grumeti River. Be aware that in Tanzania the rainy seasons can swoop in thick and fast meaning that some areas such as Selous can become inaccessible to visitors.

Pack the Right Attire

Packing for Safari can be an art form as the comfort of your stay will rest on what you bring in your luggage. Visitors should be aware that Safaris in Tanzania can be very dusty and the sun can beat down relentlessly. Try and pack plenty of light clothes and breathable materials to keep cool in the National Parks. You should pack plenty of khaki, brown and green colors to blend in with the natural scenery whilst on Safari and improve your chances of spotting shy animals in the bush. Don’t forget to pack a pair of binoculars to improve your enjoyment, an umbrella for the downpours, a sweater for the chilly nights and plenty of sunscreen.

Bring the Correct Medication

Before heading out on Safari you should consult your doctor about getting up to date with your immunizations. You may also want to consider starting a course of malaria treatment before heading out to reduce your chances of contracting the disease. Whilst some medication is available in Tanzania you will struggle to find it on safari. Be sure you pack adequate medical supplies to ensure you don’t run out during your stay. Don’t forget to bring plenty of insect repellant with you before setting out on safari.

write by Jon Brecht

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