How to Get the Hannah Montana Look

How to Get the Hannah Montana Look

How to Get the Hannah Montana Lookblack t shirt

Hannah Montana’s clean image and appealing outfits make her a household name and many parents approve of their children’s craze about her. Her outfits mainly consist of a blend between pastel and dark colours, such as pink, white and black. She is also often seen wearing a lot of glittery clothes and makeup, which make her look a lot younger than Miley Cyrus herself. She also usually sports accessories made of shiny metals such as silver bangles, necklaces and earrings. These accessories give a touch of glam to her already glittery outfits, and add the pop star look to her character as a singer.

To achieve Hannah Montana’s pop star look, choose a glittery top in pastel colour such as pink for instant glam. Wear the shiny top with light-coloured fitting pants or jeans and matching cropped leather jacket. Throw in a shiny studded belt in silver as a final addition. Do not wear glittery outfits from top to bottom; you do not want to look over the top. Makeup should be minimal, focusing on either the eyes or lips. Highlight the eyes in white or pastel eye shadow, swipe a little mascara and you are done. Pink gloss with subtle glitter should finish the overall look. Hair should be straight and shiny. Use hair serum to give that extra shine. Cute hairpins should add to the Hannah Montana look. As for shoes, white leather boots should be perfect for this ensemble.

For extra glamorous stage concert look, Hannah Montana fans should choose something a little edgy, like a tiered mini skirt over a pair of black, skinny jeans. Complete the looks with printed tee and black denim jacket, with silver accessories and you are done. Makeup should be a little darker, focusing on the eyes. Use black, grey or dark blue eye shadow and blend to create smoky-eye effect. Do not forget a little eyeliner and mascara to complete the look. Slap a little lip-gloss and that is it. Black, knee-length boots are great for this look.

Hannah Montana is an excellent fashion and teen idol. She is a perfect example and role model for teenagers. She proves that teenagers do not need to wear revealing or sexy clothes to look fashionable and trendy. The key to achieving her look is by mixing and matching styles and you do not need to spend much to look like her. All that you need is a lot of imagination, creativity and the confidence to carry the look.

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