How to Have Kids Themed Birthday Parties

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Birthday parties for children are getting more elaborate and original all the time as parents want to give their children an unforgettable experience. The primary goal should be to make your child feel special and to make sure everyone has fun. So the first step should be to sit down with your child and ask what type of party he or she wants. This has to be balanced with your budget, your time frame and the energy you have to put into the planning and the day itself. You can start thinking balloons, cake, games and decorations and then let your imagination fly – a paid entertainer, a trip to a zoo or an elaborate theme party with costumes and activities all planned around one character or toy.

Theme parties are great because it is so easy get party supplies based on a theme such as Barbie or Disney Princesses – or you can start with a really low budget color theme and have simply have everything one color – pink balloons, pink lemonade, pink cupcakes and pink napkins. Your theme can be based on an activity like a scavenger hunt, or an outing to a circus or a beach party. Or you can transform your home into Batman’s cave or a fairy castle and plan activities and food accordingly. The main thing is to plan the event so that you can enjoy it too, and don’t be so busy that you forget to take photographs!

Birthday parties are a wonderful opportunity for you to involve friends and family to help with games, passing the cake and taking care of little ones. Preschoolers have a short attention span and need lots of activities from the moment they arrive, for example, simple craft projects like coloring their own themed placemats or assembling party hats out of prepared materials. Reading a story on the chosen theme – Elmo, Dora the Explorer – can settle them down before the food and always have a few extra games planned in case one is a flop. A paid entertainer can sometimes be a waste of money – a friend or teenager in costume can be just as much fun, especially if they are handing out the party favors at the end!

The same planning tips apply to all age groups including teenagers. Starting with the invitations you want to ensure that everyone is included that should be and check with the school about rules regarding handing out invitations at school. The invitation should be clear about whether the kids should come in costume, or whether they should bring swimsuits if it is a beach or pool party. Make sure everyone is clear about time to pick up the children, and if the event is not at your home, be very clear about directions and who is responsible for transportation. Be aware of safety issues, kids with food allergies, safety in the pool or at the beach, and avoid fireworks, alcohol and the risk of fire – candles should only be on the cake!

The party theme begins with the invitation and the design possibilities are endless. If you are having a train theme like Thomas the Tank Engine, then the invitation can look like a train ticket. If a ballet theme, then the invitation can be a cutout of a pair of ballet shoes. Pirate parties can be treasure maps, princess parties a royal scroll. Teenagers can be more ambitious using their computer skills but you will want to make sure the RSVPs are clear and get back to you. The final item on your to-do list should be a thank you note on the same party theme, ready for your child to sign and send the next day in appreciation of the gift and the friend’s presence on the most memorable day of the year!

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