How to Make a Daphne Costume For Halloween

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The Daphne character is part of Scooby Doo, and is a very well known and recognizable character from that show. This was a show that was first aired in the morning on a Saturday in the late 60s, and become culture phenomenon and created many spin off shows, and animated movies as well. This character was a well known choice for a costume for many years. So, if you want to wear a Daphne costume for Halloween it can be quite simple and easy to make. So, the purpose of this article is show you how to create the Daphne look.

There are a few details that are needed to create the perfect Daphne costume, and for Halloween you will definitely get the attention that you deserve because of the amount of effort that you have put in. Research is needed to help you create the right image for your look and get the authentic look that you need for your overall costume. You should be able to research this online, or in books. The look may have had a few variations to it over the years, but if you want authenticity go for the original look that was in the 60s and 70s. The costume needs to be created around the long sleeve purple mini dress. The color needs to be a vibrant purple. Daphne usually wore a dress that had a slight flare to it. You should be able to find this dress at any discounted shop, or something similar to it. There is no need to go expensive, as there should be a dress that you can find in your budget range. You will then need to find a lightly colored green scarf to place on your neck. Find a fabric that is lightweight as that will work fine. If you have the dress already bring it around with you to match the right scarf for that dress.

You will then need to find some pantyhose’s that are either lavender or pink. You may need to shop around at any clothing store, or anywhere that will sell pantyhose’s. If you want you can always get nontransparent tights instead of the traditional pantyhose. Next, is a low heeled pair of pumps in the color purple, lavender, or pink. If you can only find a white shoes for the dress then you can always dye it to match that color. If you prefer to go for flats or a heel that is higher you can as well, as this shouldn’t damage the Daphne look. To complete the Daphne character your next purchase, is the hair. The length of her hair was shoulder length and the color was light red. This color can sometimes be known as strawberry color blond hair. It is also important to know that the hair had a bit of a wave throughout the hair and had a bit of volume to it. If your hair color is not of this kind, and you don’t want to dye your hair, the next best option will be to buy a wig for the occasion. There are many shops that will carry wigs, most typically are the beauty shops. Depending on where you live and shop there maybe stores that are just for wigs and will sell a large variety to chose from to complete the overall look. The other option is to go online and see what thy have to offer, the prices however maybe a bit different to that of the store. Creating the Daphne costume, can be an easy and affordable for those on a budget.

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