How to Make a Soccer Practice Fun For Kids

How to Make a Soccer Practice Fun For Kids

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One of the hardest things in soccer coaching is working with kids. When you working with grown-ups, it’s much easier because they already have their own understanding of soccer as a game, and you can base your work with them on professionalism, respect and close relationship. However, with kids, only thing that you can do is to try to make your soccer practice as fun as possible.

It is very hard to keep kids attention if you doing soccer training in traditional way. You cannot really expect from kids to train basic shooting and passing drills for straight hour. So, you basically should find the way to incorporate this “old fashion” practice with some soccer drills that will be interesting for kids.

Kids are very competitive from early age, so for practicing dribbling techniques, you can always put them one on one. And they should always compete for points, so if attacker manage to pass defender, he will get point and if defender manage to stop attacker then he will get point.

And when you are doing passing training, one of the fun drills is so-called unbalanced drill. Kids are playing four against two or five against three. Lets say that you are playing four against two passing drill. You will place a team of four in square shape around 10 meters wide, and team of two inside this square. Team of four needs to pass the ball between them, and team of two needs to take the ball from team of four. Usually team of four can touch the ball only once or twice, and can’t move far from 10 meter square. And the player from team of four who loses the ball will go inside the square and change place with player from team of two who touched the ball.

Now it is just up to you to try to make your soccer training fun, so that kids will come to practice knowing that they will have a lot of fun.

write by Alvin

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