How to Make His Jaw Drop

How to Make His Jaw Drop

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Be approachable. Chances are this guy knows you exist, and if he does he either is probably scare to come talk to you, or is waiting for you to say something, or do something to give him a sign. This doesn’t mean wear something trashy or be loud around him. This means keeping your cool, and maybe changing your look. If you never wear dresses, show up wearing a brand new sun dress or a bright top with cute shoes. Guys are like children in the sense that they like bright shiny things, and if they don’t like it, it will definitely get their attention.


Be yourself. There is nothing more sexy in a girl (according to men) than having confidence. A girl that radiates confidence is a girl that is worth pursuing. If your best quality is your funny sense of humor, tell him a joke or be witty in class or at the office. If your best quality is your sass, show it off! Sometimes guys think its adorable. From the guys I’ve talked to however, being yourself is key in getting a guys attention. Be confident, stand tall, and show off your assets, (no pun intended.)


Knock him dead. OK ladies this isn’t a literal meaning, this just means that once you have his attention, you need to wow him. This means do something he wouldn’t expect. One day dress up in a very sophisticated or beautiful outfit, whether this be at an office party, or a warm spring day, it is important that he see’s you as a lady and not a potential friend. Many girls fall into the “friend zone” so even though this is not great to say, it is important to show off your lady sex-appeal.

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