How to Pair With A Men’s Trench Coat

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For a gentleman, a men’s trench coat is essential to go through the cool fall and cold winter days. It is not a new market product, but a classic menswear with continuous innovation by designers. Men’s trench coats have different lengths, cuttings, and colors. How to pair with this kind of coat like a khaki one, a black one or one with a hood? Following are 4 most useful tips for you.

1. When you want to pair with a men’s trench coat, wearing a pair of jeans and a pair of leather shoes with it is a practical way, which is casual but not careless. We can see in the TV shows and movies that many celebrities have tried this stylish look from time to time. Many popular pictures from Instagram reveal that this combination is totally a representative of airport style and street style. You can add your own details to this matching way too. Such as choosing a winter hat of dark color to upgrade the fashion flavor of this look or rolling up the legs of your jeans to highlight your stylish leather shoes.

2. If you are going to pair with a men’s khaki one, wear a suit with it. With a men’s khaki trench coat, your business style can be a little bit casual and fashionable, but not boring anymore. The color of khaki can help you stay away from the full black or navy blue stereotype business style. Khaki is almighty and appropriate to match suits of nearly all colors. You might be the most eye-catching fashion guy among your business circle with it.

3. A wonderful look will be created when your black trench coat meets a sweater and a scarf. This outfit collocation could not only keep you fashionable and warm to the greatest extent but also enables your girl to feel warm and comfortable under your arms on a snowy day. What a romantic moment that would be! The high quality of your black trench coat will be shown without reservation with the soft sweater and scarf. Just remember don’t let a lame hairstyle to ruin this wonderful look.

4. What to pair with a trench coat with a hood? Most of the men think that the hood design is so convenient and casual. When they walk outside on cold days, the hood is effective to keep them warm when they wear it. Men can wear it almost like the ones with no hood. But never wear it with a suit. Since the suit is a formal outfit, the two won’t be coordinated at all.

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