How to Repair a Registry on a Slave Drive

How to Repair a Registry on a Slave Drive

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How can I repair a registry on a slave drive? This question is more likely asked if your registry is currently on a slave drive and you are encountering problems and errors with it. In this situation you want to know how to fix this issue considering that the process of solving this problem may not be the same as in the case when it is located on your current drive.

One method to use in order to repair registry on slave drive is boot your system into dos program where you can perform some programming activities. At the dos prompt, type the following: “scanreg/fix” and afterward hit the enter key and let the program run and work on the problem for you. However, this method may require some degree of technical skills in order to competently perform the operation considering that you will be using the dos system which is a programming language. But, considering that it may only take few commands in order to properly perform the operation, therefore you can still do it as long as you can access some tutorials on the step by step process in performing the procedures.

If this technique did not work to repair the registry on slave drive, then you have another option to do; and this time you have to use cleaning tools that allow you to select which drive to perform the comprehensive scan and fix operations. There are various similar programs available in the market today, just choose the ones which are excellent in quality because in most cases they are the ones that can efficiently fix this type of problems.

You may encounter a lot of free software offers; it is good to try some of them. But, be wary that most of them have limited capacity and they may not be able to repair registry on slave drive. Hence, it would be highly recommended if you upgrade to the paid versions of the product in order to enjoy its full capacity in resolving the issue. However, when choosing among the numerous paid programs, make sure that you also get the best product among them because there are also instances wherein the free wares can perform better than the paid ones.

Therefore, if you want to repair registry on slave drive, you have two options to solve this problem; if the first technique does not work, then you always have the second option which requires minimal investment to get the best cleaning tools available in the market today.

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