How to Sew a Slit – Easy Tutorial

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Learn how to sew a slit. Sewing slits into a garment can be provocative and practical at the same time. The stylish slit can practically add design and movement to a simple skirt. Adding a slit allows better movement in what could be a rather tight fit. Slits can be styled in at the start of the cut and sew of a pattern or they can help reinvent a garment you already have in your wardrobe.

How to Sew a SlitPinHow to Sew a Slit


How to Sew a SlitHow to Sew a Slit from ScratchStep 1 – Cut and MarkStep 2 – Sew SeamStep 3 – NeatenStep 4 – Sew the SlitStep 5 – Sew the HemHow to Sew a Slit in a Finished GarmentStep 1 – Press Seam OpenStep 2 – MarkingStep 3 – UnpickingStep 4 – Finish SeamStep 5 – PressHow to Sew a Slit – In Conclusion

How to Sew a Slit

The practical slit may be seen on a pencil skirt at the side, back or even the front. Play around with an old skirt and use the seam area to unpick and create a slit.

Slits may make a difference to the flow and feel of a shirt with a slit feature at the back or the sides. Slits don’t require huge amounts of tailoring and will happily be part of the side seam. Slits used as a vent in a skirt pattern would need more tailoring and a facing to complete the job.

How to Sew a Slit from Scratch

These instructions will show you how to sew a slit in a new garment that you are sewing from the beginning. The slit may already be part of the instructions or you may want to add one to the pattern.

Step 1 – Cut and Mark

Cut pattern out and mark slit opening according to the pattern markings.

Step 2 – Sew Seam

Sew the pattern to the beginning of the slit. Try on the garment to check the slit is the length you require.

How to Sew a Slit SeamHow to Sew a Slit SeamPinHow to Sew a Slit Seam

Step 3 – Neaten

Neaten the edges of the seam and this will include the edges of the slit. Press the seam open and at the same time press the neatened edges of the slit.

How to Press a SlitHow to Press a SlitPinHow to Press a Slit

Step 4 – Sew the Slit

Sew around the slit

Step 5 – Sew the Hem

Measure how deep you require the hem to be. Neaten the hem edge, press and sew the hem.

How to Sew a SlitHow to Sew a SlitPinHow to Sew a Slit

How to Sew a Slit in a Finished Garment

These instructions are for sewing a slit in a skirt or dress that you already have in your wardrobe.

Step 1 – Press Seam Open

Press the seam open and flat to see where the stitching of the seam lies.

Step 2 – Marking

Try on the skirt and decide where the slit is going to end.  Mark with a pin or tailors chalk.

Step 3 – Unpicking

Unpick the hem in the area where the slit will be made. Use your seam ripper to open the seam to the point you have marked. This will expose the slit opening.

Step 4 – Finish Seam

Neaten the edge of the opened seam and press.

Then try on your skirt with the planned slit opening. If you are happy with that opening, decide on the length of the hem and sew the hem in the place where it was unpicked.

Step 5 – Press

Press hem and slit and your skirt is good to go.

How to Sew a Slit – In Conclusion

Sewing slits is really as easy as that. A fashion statement or a practical way to alter a lovely skirt. Turn an old favorite skirt in your wardrobe into a gorgeous skirt fit for the catwalk, or just make a super comfortable and wearable skirt ready to wear for another season.

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