How to Spot a Fake Versace Handbag

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  • Plastic packaging: An authentic Versace handbag will not have anything, any part or accessory wrapped in plastic or shrink wrap of any kind. This is also a universal tell for any top designer handbag. Merchandise originating in Italy, meaning any Italian based brand will not utilize plastic in their products. However, plastic film, similar to what is used to cover the face of a cell phone, will be used to cover certain parts of the handbag hardware, buttons or snaps, logo and label plates etc. This is an important distinction. Plastic film used to protect the metal accents is not the same as plastic shrink wrap (fake) used to covering the handles etc. Generally, paper is used to wrap the handles for their protection.
  • Tags: Inspecting the handbags factory tags is a powerful way to spot a fake Versace. An official Vesace tag will always be attached to an authentic handbag. The official tag has unique features, singular to Versace, and these details routinely cause problems for the counterfeiter, subsequently granting the buyer a great method of identifying the fakes. First, the tag should have some weight to it. It should be made up of a heavy stock, ultra thin cardboard material. The logo should be the Versace Medusa head, it should be embossed (raised), and if you run your finger over it, you should be able to feel the texture. The logo is not a simple screen print. If there is no texture, then the label and the handbag tied to it, is most likely fake.
  • Tag string: The tag should be attached to the bag with a black string. If the tag is attached to the handbag with a plastic tie, like the tags at a department store, then you are most likely dealing with a fake Versace handbag. Remember: The string must be black. And clamped onto the string, should be a plastic tag with the Versace logo on it, also textured.
  • Inside the tag: One of the unique features is that the tag can be opened, and inside the tag is white paper. This paper is an authenticity statement from Versace. Use these quick tips to weed out many of fakes in the open market. Good luck and safe shopping!

write by Alma

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