How to Start and Stop a Seam | Machine Sewing Tips

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It is important when you are sewing to secure the ends of your seams so they are durable and don`t split later after you have put an enormous amount of effort into your project. Learn how to start and stop a seam with your sewing machine in 2 different ways.

how to stop and start a seam sewingPinHow to Start and Stop a Seam


How to Start and Stop a seamHow to Back Stitch a SeamTying Knots at the End of SeamsHow to Start and Stop a Seam – In ConclusionMORE FOR SEWING FOR BEGINNERS

How to Start and Stop a seam

There are 2 main ways you can start a seam and stop a seam and prevent your threads from unraveling – back stitch and tying or knotting the ends.

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How to Back Stitch a Seam

The first is using a simple machine backstitch or reverse stitch.

Put your fabric under your presser foot at the end of the seam and take 3 stitches forwards.

Then press the reverse and take 3 stitches back on top of your original stitching line.

Release the reverse lever and just stitch forwards normally.

start a seam start a seam PinBackstitch the ends

These 3 layers of stitching will secure your ends and stop them from unraveling. This means you can simply cut the loose threads.

Back stitching is fast and easy once you get the hang of it and is the most commonly used method of starting and stopping seams.

Tying Knots at the End of Seams

Another way of starting and ending your seams is to straight stitch from beginning to end leaving long tails of thread either end.

Use a pin or the end of your seam ripper to pull all threads to the wrong side and then knot off the tails before clipping them shorter.

knot ends of seamknot ends of seamPinTie knots at the ends

This method is commonly used in sewing darts and delicate fabrics where back stitching would add unsightly bulk to the ends of seams.

How to Start and Stop a Seam – In Conclusion

So now you know how to start and stop a seam you are ready to do your first sewing project.

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What is your favorite method of stopping and starting seam? Share below.


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