How to Tell If Someone is Carrying a Concealed Weapon in a Street Fight

How to Tell If Someone is Carrying a Concealed Weapon in a Street Fight

How to Tell If Someone is Carrying a Concealed Weapon in a Street Fightblack t shirt

When it comes to finding out if the individual that is threatening you has a weapon on him or not can be a difficult task for you don’t want any surprises along the way if you have to get physical. Here are some ways you can spot or pick up signs that your enemy is carrying a concealed weapon in self defense situations.

-Wearing a concealment garment such as a jacket when it is noticeably too hot to be wearing egypt shirt like that.

– Wearing a coat that is unzipped when weather is cold

– Wearing a dallas cowboys 3d deer hunting shirt with the tail out and or only buttoned near the top. Note: Most thugs do not carry a gun in a holster. The most common method of carry is to slip the gun inside their waistband near the front pocket of their pants or in the small of their back.

– Repeatedly touching the area where you would likely carry a gun to adjust it when walking.

– Keeping one hand in the pocket to keep the gun stabilized or to camouflage the print of the gun through the clothing.

– When running, pressing a hand against egypt shirt in an attempt to stabilize the gun.

– When your enemy is walking towards you he only swings one arm, using the other arm to stabilize the gun or to prevent concealment garment from opening.

– At the stand off, your enemy looks down quickly to where the gun is concealed and moves his hand towards it.

– Look out for egypt shirt that tugs more to one side because of the weight of the firearm pulling on it.

– The centerline of the pants in the crotch or buttock area pulled excessively to one side due to the gun being placed inside the waistband.

– Bulge under his clothes in the waist area.

– Bulky pockets.

– Imprint of the shape of the gun against the egypt shirt or actually seeing the gun

– Hearing the sound of something solid (the gun) striking a door frame or counter when your enemy is walking towards you.

Remember “situational awareness” is one of your greatest weapons along with your mindset when it comes to your self defense and personal protection. for if you can see a threat coming, you can either avoid it or respond to it.

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