What is a bandeau bra?

If you don’t know, a bandeau bra is a type of bra consisting of a band of stretch material worn around a woman’s chest. It is much like a tube top, since it often does not have hooks on the back for closing it. Instead, you simply pull it over your head and leave it up to the elastic material to hold the bra up. Many of these bras come with straps to put on though, if you need more support. It is also common for a strapless bandeau bra to have extra support features, such as moulded cups and underwiring.

What can I use it for?

  • Wear a colorful or lively patterned model underneath a sheer blouse or top, for a sexy – but not indecent look.
  • Wear a seamless bandeau bra for comfort, underneath a beamng at work, or at home – for maximum comfort.
  • Wear a lace bandeau bra underneath a black beamng, with a couple of the top buttons undone.
  • Wear a bikini top type on the beach and get a tan where you normally have tan-lines from wearing tops and dresses with shoulder straps.
  • Wear it under a strapless dress!

But I have large breasts!

You can still enjoy the benefits of this sort of bra – although you may need to wear it with straps or get an underwired model – or both. One of the advantages of choosing a non-underwired model is the comfort it gives you. I would choose a model without underwiring – and simply use it with shoulder straps instead. Think of it as the bra you wear to relax.

What are good brands to look for?

Some of the brands that have bandeau bras in their lines are Maidenform, Fashion Form and Braza. These all have models in discrete colors such as black and white – good for when you want the bra to be less obvious. A really nice one is Fashion Form’s Long Tube Bra, as it covers more of the upper part of the torso. A great choice for when you want it to be visible, but not excessively flirty. Braza’s Wild Card model comes in a larger range of colors, so if you are after something a bit more extrovert, chances are Braza has it.

I feel that every woman should try on a bandeau bra sometime – it has a special feel and look to it that you may have missed without even knowing it.

write by Charmaine