How to Use KAM Snaps – Plastic Snap Tutorial

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Learn how to use KAM snaps into your clutches, nappy covers and clothing with this step by step KAM snaps tutorial. Snap is exactly the right terminology for this handy little popper that just keeps on popping.

How to Use KAM SnapsPinHow to Use KAM Snaps


How to Use KAM SnapsWhat are KAM Snaps?How to Use Kam Snaps – SuppliesKam Snap SizesHow to Use Kam Snaps – InstructionsStep 1 – SnipSTEP 2 – PushSTEP 3 – SnapAlternatives to Kam SnapsHow to Use KAM Snaps – In ConclusionRead more about Fasteners

How to Use KAM Snaps

KAM Snaps are a really great invention and they come with all the interesting little goodies that make them easy to use. Snip, push and snap then…away you go.

What are KAM Snaps?

KAM snaps are a popular brand of plastic snaps used on baby clothing, bags, purses and nappies. Anywhere you need a fast and easy fastening option. They are readily available on eBay and Amazon and are sold in various sizes and colors. Kits are available that include the tools you need at a very reasonable price.

How to Use Kam Snaps – Supplies

The tools needed come in a kit with the snaps or separately. There is a huge variety of plastic snap sizes and colors so you can match your fabric color and thickness.

You will need:

KAM Snap pliersAn awl to push holes in the fabricPlastic snapsYour sewing project

Tools neededTools neededPinTools needed to insert Kam snaps

Kam Snap Sizes

Kam snaps come in different prong lengths and cap sizes.

Longer prong lengths help with thicker fabric so look out for the right size and check it will work with your chosen fabric.

The KAM Snap company themselves does not give specific recommendations for different fabric types and thicknesses as it is often hard to predict how multiple layers of a particular fabric will behave.

TIP: If you are not sure which size you need then consider a sampler pack with different sizes and lengths of snaps.

Size 20 is the most common size used, particularly since it is available in 3 prong lengths. This is the size I most commonly use on my bib sewing patterns and dresses. I mainly use the standard prong length but some bibs with thicker toweling on the back were better with the long prong length.

kam-snaps-tutorial-7kam-snaps-tutorial-7PinKAM Snap Size Chart

How to Use Kam Snaps – Instructions

Open your snap packet and choose 4 pieces as shown below. You should have 2 caps which are identical, a stud and a socket.

One cap will attach to the stud and the other cap will attach to the socket. Sounds simple, doesn`t it? Well, it is!

PinHow to Use Kam Snaps

Step 1 – Snip

You cut out your cute little article and sew it up to the point where a snap is needed.

STEP 2 – Push

Get hold of the awl and push it through the fabric at just the right spot. The measuring up for the holes needs to be accurate so the snaps match. Take a bit of time on that process marking the snap points carefully.

On my downloadable sewing patterns, I usually give you a mark where to insert the awl.

How to Use KAM SNAPS - Push through the awlHow to Use KAM SNAPS - Push through the awlPinHow to Use KAM SNAPS – Push the Awl

Push the prong of one of the caps through the hole. It will depend on your pattern, but generally, the flat cap will be on the outside of the garment or clutch.

kam-snaps-tutorial-3kam-snaps-tutorial-3PinHow to Use KAM SNAPS – Push Through the Cap

STEP 3 – Snap

Use the KAM Snap pliers to secure the snaps in place. Start by putting the cap with the prong facing up at the bottom of the pliers. You will notice your pliers have a black disk on the bottom. The cap should sit nicely in the middle of the cap.

kam-snaps-tutorial-4kam-snaps-tutorial-4PinHow to Use KAM SNAPS – Position the Pliers

Place the stud over the prong, facing up. Then squeeze the handle of the pliers tightly until the prong is squashed down.

kam-snaps-tutorial-5kam-snaps-tutorial-5PinHow to Use KAM SNAPS – Press Hard

Repeat the process to attach the socket to the other cap.

how to use kam snapshow to use kam snapsPinHow to Use Kam Snaps

Alternatives to Kam Snaps

The main alternative to KAM snaps is the metal ring or solid metal types of snaps. These may be enameled with a bright color or in a metal finish such as gold, silver or brass.

The method used to set these other types of snaps is very similar but different tools are used. Learn all about setting snaps.

PinAlternatives to How to Use KAM Snaps

How to Use KAM Snaps – In Conclusion

Practice always makes perfect so try your new snaps out on some scrap before you go to the finished article. It really is very easy and soon you will be hooked on the process and become a happy snapper!

kam-snaps-tutorial-6kam-snaps-tutorial-6PinHow to Use KAM Snaps

Use this KAM Snaps tutorial to save time on these amazing and simple Treasurie sewing patterns:

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