How to Use Magnetic Snaps in a Purse or Bag

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Learn how to use magnetic snaps for bags, purses and clutches. Have you been eyeing off some of my premium bag and clutch sewing patterns?  Magnetic snaps add a professional look to your bag and purse projects and are so simple to apply.

how to use magnetic snapsPinHow to Use Magnetic Snaps


How to Use Magnetic SnapsWhat are Magnetic Snaps?Tools neededHow to Use Magnetic Snaps – InstructionsStep 1 – SeparateStep 2 – ReinforceStep 3 – MarkingStep 4 – Add BackStep 5 – RepeatHow to Use Magnetic Snaps – In ConclusionMore Articles on Sewing BagsShop Clutch Patterns

How to Use Magnetic Snaps

What are Magnetic Snaps?

They come in various metallic colors such as gold, silver, brass and antique brass. Most common is the round shape but I have also seen rectangular or square ones as well. Magnetic snaps come in sizes from 10mm to 18mm (normally they are measured in millimeters rather than inches).

Magnetic snaps are an invisible closure that can be used for accessories such as bags, clutches and purses. The 2 sides of the snap are magnetic making them easy to open and close with minimum fuss.

Tools needed

Magnetic snap – These are available from eBay, Amazon and your local craft stores. They come in different metal finishes eg gold, silver or brass. HammerA scrap of thick fusible interfacing (around ¾ inch (2cm) squareOptional – fray stop solutionSeam ripper, Exacto knife or small sharp scissors

How to Use Magnetic Snaps – Instructions

So how to use magnetic snaps?

Step 1 – Separate

First, break up your magnetic snap into 4 pieces. You will see you have a male, female and 2 circular washer disks with holes in them. Usually, the male part will be on the flap of a purse and the female will be on the body.

Make sure you have cut out your bag pieces and added any interfacing specified in the pattern before you start.

parts of a magnetic snapparts of a magnetic snapPinHow to Use Magnetic Snaps – Separate the Parts

Step 2 – Reinforce

If your piece still feels a bit thin iron your scrap of fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric in the position you would like the magnet. When your bag is finished you don’t want to feel the legs of the magnet through the fabric.

Alternative – If you don`t have fusible fleece interfacing or if it is not thick enough, use a piece of felt. You can hold it in place with pins. Once the snap is inserted the felt piece will not move around. For leather or vinyl purses, the felt can even be held in place by a bit of glue.

PinHow to Use Magnetic Snaps – Apply Interfacing

Step 3 – Marking

On the right side of the fabric place your circular disk in the position you would like the magnet and mark the rectangular lines on either side.

PinHow to Use Magnetic Snaps – Mark Position

Using your seam ripper, knife or sharp scissors, cut along your marked lines. Try not to overcut. The fusible interfacing usually stops the cuts from fraying but if you have a fabric that frays badly you could add a couple of drops of Fray Stop to each cut.

PinHow to Use Magnetic Snaps – Cut Holes

Step 4 – Add Back

On the right side of the fabric push the legs of one piece of the magnet through the holes. If your fabric still feels a bit thin you may want to add a scrap of fabric or additional interfacing to add thickness.

PinHow to Use Magnetic Snaps – Push Through

At the back put the disk through the legs.

PinHow to Use Magnetic Snaps – Add Backing

Push the legs to the outside. You need strong fingers to do this! If you are going to be applying a few magnets you may want to use a pair of pliers as you will get sore fingers.

Do a double-check that you can`t feel the end of the legs on the right side of the purse. You can always bend the legs back up and add a bit more. Hopefully, you added enough as this is a bit tough on the fingers but still possible to do.

PinHow to Use Magnetic Snaps – Open and Press Arms

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Use your hammer to gently flatten the legs. This will make your magnet sit flatter so you will get a nicer finished result.

Step 6: how to attach magnetic snapsStep 6: how to attach magnetic snapsPinHow to Use Magnetic Snaps – Flatten with Hammer

Step 5 – Repeat

Now apply the other half of your magnet in your desired position using the same method.

How to Use Magnetic Snaps – In Conclusion

When you are finished, your bag project will look amazingly professional. Easy wasn’t it? Magnetic snaps can be added to most of my clutch and purse sewing patterns.

How to Use Magnetic SnapsHow to Use Magnetic SnapsPinHow to Use Magnetic Snaps

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Do you have any extra tips or tricks for how to use magnetic snaps? Leave a comment and let us know.

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