How to Wash Lace – The Right Way

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Learn how to wash lace. Lace has that delicate, soft and fragile look about it.  It is one of the most beautiful fabrics that can be used to decorate, embellish or even sew up into an entire garment.  Lace never disappoints because of its intrinsic beauty.  Maintaining that beauty, through careful laundering and pressing, makes all the difference to lace.

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How to Wash Lace

Everything about lace is delicate.  Delicate detergent, delicate wash cycle or hand wash, delicate pressing and careful drying.

Where possible it is always recommended that you hand wash any lace garments. While you can gentle machine wash, only do this if you are not precious about the item or if it is a thicker, stronger lace.

The most common lace item we all wash regularly is lingerie and underwear.

Before you make any decisions on how to wash lace, look at the care label first.

How to Wash Lace - Check the LabelHow to Wash Lace - Check the LabelPinHow to Wash Lace – Check the Label

Dry Cleaning

Some items may have a label that specifies dry-clean only. Don`t try and wash the item yourself if this is the case. Head directly to your nearest dry-cleaner.

Hand Washing

Hand wash in cold water.  Let the lace soak and gently massage the fabric in the water, allow the lace fabric to soak for 30 minutes.Rinse well and press out the water.  Do not rub or scrub lace.  The delicate fabric could tear easily.Baste very delicate lace onto an old sheet or sheeting before washing.  This will support the lace during the washing process and prevent it from snagging.


Check the label first. Polyester, nylon and man-made fiber laces usually specify on the label do not bleach.Whiten and brighten cotton lace with an oxygen-based bleach diluted with water according to the instructions. This type of bleach is considered gentler.Soak the lace in the bleach. Let it soak for one or two hours and check it. It is not normally recommended that you leave it overnight as the fabric may become weaker and even tear with the next wear.   Gently swirl round in the bleach water to ensure the bleach activates throughout the lace.

Machine Washing

Check washing instructions on the label.  If it does not specify hand wash then the fabric can go in the machine on a delicate washing program.If you are machine washing, put the lace into a mesh bag.Use the gentle cycle on the washing machine.Do up all zippers and buttons before starting to wash so they cannot get caught. If possible, wash the lace item alone without any other clothing items.


Do not put lace items in the dryer. Synthetic laces in particular can melt or snag. Although dryers are suitable for cotton, don`t use them for cotton lace as the delicate fabric can be distorted and twisted. Lay the lace item out flat to dry.While drying flat it is useful to pin the lace at strategic points to ensure it dries flat.Hang lightweight articles on hangers to drip dry but be especially careful of shoulders and other parts that can stretch out on a hanger. Padded hangers can help prevent the shoulders from stretching out. If you need to press, lay a thick towel underneath the lace and use a presser cloth to press over the lace on the top.


Whether you can iron a lace item will depend on its compositionNever iron man-made fibers such as nylon or polyesterCotton lace may be ironed on a low heat but make sure you use a presser cloth between the iron and the item. Be careful the tip of the iron does not get caught in the holes of the lace and tear.

How to Wash Lace – In Conclusion

Lace may have been handed down from grandma, or it may be part of a modern-day evening gown.  Lace has the ability to soften a collar and finish off the edge of a sleeve.  Wherever you find lace it is impossible to overlook its beauty.  The way you wash lace will make all the difference to its overall look and preservation.  Look at the lace and think of the word delicate.  Use this word to describe the fabric and the way it is laundered.

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