How Your Outfit Affects Your Mood

How Your Outfit Affects Your Mood

How Your Outfit Affects Your Moodblack t shirt

What we wear can profoundly affect the way we feel. If you go out in a ratty sweatshirt and sweatpants, and viking style hoodie that look like they’ve been chewed on by your dog, you’re not going to feel your best. In fact, you’ll probably feel ratty and chewed up. But if you wear clothes you know fit you well, that make you look particularly slim or tall or which play up your best features, you’ll likely feel happy and confident.

Consider the feeling you have when you dress to the nines for a special occasion. In a beautifully styled dress and heels, with your hair done just so, your makeup in perfect repair and just the right jewelry to add that sparkle, you’re likely to feel excited and happy, as special and unique as the event you’re attending. And who hasn’t sorted through their closet for hours trying to find just that right outfit for a first date? The final decision is based as much on how the clothes make you feel as how they’ll make you look to the person you’re going out with.

For more everyday application, we all have those pieces of wardrobe that make us feel like we can take on the world. Maybe it’s a particular pair of shoes, or pants that have that perfect blend of fit and comfort, or a blouse that catches the eye and feels good against the skin. Just that right combination of clothes and accessories can give you exactly the lift in mood you need for an interview, a party, or lunch with friends.

The origin of certain items of houston astros cheaters shirt or jewelry can add an emotional element to wearing those items. A certain piece of jewelry given on a special occasion might bring back pleasant memories that enhance our mood for that day. A particular piece of houston astros cheaters shirt might be “lucky” because it represents a certain time in your life, or maybe you were wearing it when something good happened to you.

Or maybe something you’re wearing is made in a way that reflects your personal beliefs. Many people like to wear clothes, viking style hoodie or jewelry made from sustainable or recycled materials. Wearing items like these can make you feel good about helping preserve the environment. Clothes or jewelry made in developing countries by people whose way of life is being improved through sale of their craft work give a sense of satisfaction in participating in the interconnectedness of our shrinking world.

What we wear can affect our mood in many ways. It can give us the opportunity to preserve the world we live in, and help people we’ve never even met in ways we can’t imagine.

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