Hunting Russia For Kamchatka Brown Bear

Hunting Russia For Kamchatka Brown Bear

Hunting Russia For Kamchatka Brown Bearblack t shirt

To say the least a hunting trip to the Kamchatka Peninsula in search of brown bear was an experience of a lifetime. I have taken Alaskan Brown Bear as well as Grizzlies and Black Bear with none of them approaching the suspense and thrill of harvesting a brown bear in Russia.

For a long time I had been dreaming about and planning this trip to Russia and when the time came to leave the Phoenix airport I was still in a shock. From Phoenix we flew to Atlanta then to Moscow. From Moscow we flew to Petropavlovsk (Petro) on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. After our plane trip to Petro we drove approximately 200 miles to where we met my guide. We concluded the trip arrival by going 50 miles up the Danilina river to our permanent camp. All toll, about 48 hours from home to camp. I was beat!

When we arrived at camp it was very rustic and old, but it did serve the purpose. I shared a cabin with a hunter from Chicago who was also there for brown bear. There was an eating tent, outdoor shower, outhouse and a sauna. There also were separate cabins for the cook and interpreter and another for the two guides and the two camp hands.

As in any hunting expedition there is a lot of planning. I wanted to make sure that I had the right equipment and accessories to make for a safe and successful hunt in this desolate country. I chose a 375 H&H Magnum, shooting 300 Grain Nosler Partition Bullets, Zeiss 3×9 scope and Swarovski EL 10×32 binoculars. This combination proved to work perfect for this hunt. I also chose high quality clothing, boots and gloves that were all 100% waterproof.

We hunted with snowmobiles pulling me behind on a sled. Talk about different transportation! It was early spring with lots of snow, rain, and sleet. I had to be properly dressed for the conditions or it would have been unbearable. We saw lots of bears from day one with the guide trying to get me to shoot a smaller bear then I wanted. In fact they got a little upset with me as they wanted to end the hunt and get back to their homes. On the sixth day we located a beautiful bear that we judged to be in excess of 10 feet square and decided he was the one. The bear had gone into a large stand of alders. I went to the opposite side and the guide went in to force the bear out to where I was located. As I got into position to shoot I stepped in some soft snow and fell up to my waist and couldn’t move when the bear made his charge. I shot and dropped him with one shot at less than 15 yards. I was very calm while all this was happening, but when it was over I couldn’t stop shaking. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

Despite all the problems with language barriers, travel inconveniences, weather and the fact that I got a detached retina in my left eye, it was a great hunt. I had just harvested a beautiful black-coated Kamchatka Brown Bear that squared 10’3″. On the way back I had a layover in Moscow and was able to see the Kremlin, Red Square and sleep in a comfortable bed for the first time in 14 days. Also this allowed for some quiet time to reflect on what a great experience that I had just completed.

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